Leg compression sleeve BV Sport Booster Elite EVO2

Leg compression sleeve BV Sport Booster Elite EVO2
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These multi-sport compression leggings will accompany you in all your regular training sessions. They provide optimized support to enhance your performance.
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Starting at: $60.47
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Leg compression sleeve BV Sport Booster Elite EVO2

The compression sleeve Booster EVO2 black is designed from several types of mesh with variable rigidity (ultra-soft/soft/semi-rigid/rigid) that exert specific pressures on the calf, shin and ankle.

the BOOSTER Elite Evo2 pushes back the phenomenon of heavy legs, pushes back the threshold of tiredness, decreases the aches and pains, considerably reduces the risk of injury and muscular lesions

Benefits of Booster Elite EVO2


Technique: Alternating mesh ultra-flexible and rigid that promote the cushioning and absorption of shocks.

Action: This new knitting technique present on the whole BOOSTER ELITE EVO2, disturbs the shockwave caused by the transitory impact when the shoe is put on the ground.

Benefits : Significantly reduces vibrations and parasitic oscillations, cause of injuries and muscular lesions (periostitis, tibial fractures, DOMS).

Calf support

Technique: Rigid mesh and targeted pressure on the calf.

Action : Improves venous return and accelerates the elimination of toxins (CO2, free radicals) accumulated in the calf. Limits the oscillations and muscular vibrations.

Benefits: Repels the phenomenon of heavy legs and postpones the threshold of tiredness. Reduces the appearance of periostitis and DOMS

Aero tibial window

Technique: Flexible and ventilated mesh positioned at the level of the tibia.

Action : Protection of the sensitive pre-tibial structures (Periosteum, superficial nerves and Microcirculation).

Benefits : Improves comfort and feeling. Reduces the appearance of periostitis.

Additional Information

Brand BV Sport
Manufacturer SKU BV114/004
Color blue
Color Blue
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult