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Asics padel shoes appeal to a wide range of players thanks to their reputation for excellence, combining attractive aesthetics with cutting-edge technology for superior in-game performance. They stand out for their exceptional comfort, remarkable cushioning and reliable grip on the court.

Sport is Good offers a wide selection of Asics shoes to suit every player, male or female. Our range includes models equipped with the revolutionary Asics Gel Padel technology, guaranteeing a sporting experience that lives up to the highest expectations.

The Gel technology ofAsics, at the heart of these shoes, is recognized for its innovation and significant contribution to the world of padel. The design and manufacture incorporate modern technological advances, making these shoes a preferred choice for those wishing to equip themselves to the highest standards. They offer high-quality shock absorption thanks to strategically placed gel, a natural fit with the IGS system, improved responsiveness and cushioning thanks to the Solyte sole, and enhanced stability and comfort with the California Slip Lasting technique.

Asics shoes shine with innovation, catering for divers styles of play, from the most physical to the most controlled. They are ideal for novices, for their comfort and safety, as well as for professionals looking for performance.

Our online catalog, Sport is Good, features the best selection of Asics shoes, available in a variety of sizes and designs. We offer a range of choices from more discreet models to bold, colorful versions, such as orange or red, for those who want to stand out from the crowd. For women, Asics offers shoes with elegant design, uncompromising performance and quality, available in a variety of colors and premium finishes to meet the expectations of the most demanding players.