All our running equipment

Like any self-respecting sporting activity, running requires adequate equipment. Accessories, electronics, training equipment, protections, luggage... find on our site all the elements to practice this sport in the best possible conditions.

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The right equipment for all running enthusiasts

Do you want to practice running? Specific equipment is essential to help you perform in all circumstances. Starting with accessories! We suggest several types of adapted products that will be very useful in the field.

The accessories for the perfect runner at the best prices

Water bottles for good hydration

During periods of high heat, gourds are a must. Since this sport consists of running for longer or shorter distances, your perspiration will be important. And this inevitably implies dehydration. If you want to avoid the unpleasant effects of dehydration, you must hydrate regularly. These light and handy water bottles are very light and handy, so you always have something to quench your thirst with. If you want to keep your drink fresh for a long time to come, choose the isothermal models. To give you the opportunity to drink without having to stop, the designers have made sure that the stoppers remain practical to use.

Belts for greater convenience

To carry these precious liquids, don't forget to wear suitable belts. These are also used to carry all sorts of useful items such as your smartphone or energy bars. These belts are designed so that your belongings are always dry, even in the rain. Mostly made of Neoprene, a synthetic fabric that resists moisture, they are waterproof enough to prevent damage. On the practical side, they are adjustable for an optimal fit. These quality belts are offered at unbeatable prices!

Walking sticks for more stability

Another very practical accessory that will give you a serious helping hand when going up and down are the walking sticks. Ultra-light, they are made from materials known for their lightness such as aluminium or carbon. To allow you to progress in comfort, the experts have equipped them with foam or cork handles for maximum evacuation of perspiration. And so that you can enjoy a good grip on these handles, the straps are made of breathable fabric and can be adjusted to your needs. Finally, the poles can be fitted with tungsten tips for perfect grip on the ground. Treat yourself to these indispensable items at the best price!

And what about running protection?

Have you recently encountered a small problem with your ankle and you prefer to play it safe? You need ankle supports to run with peace of mind! By providing the right compression/restraint, they ensure optimal support foreach of your strides. Made from innovative materials, theysignificantly reduce the risk of recurrence. Their anatomical design meansthat you won't feel any discomfort when wearing them. Don't hesitate to take a look at our different models at low prices!

Small electronic gadgets to make a difference

Since running in the wilderness requires excellent orientation, you will need GPS watches tohelp you always progress in the right direction. In addition to providing you with route information, these watches have many useful indicators. Barometric altimeter, accelerometer, pulse oximeter, stopwatch... you have everything you need to manage your run efficiently and optimise your efforts according to the situation.

A backpack for the essential effects

If you're planning a long run for the weekend, a backpack will be essential to carry your personal belongings and other accessories. Our models are made of a light, yet highly abrasion-resistant fabric so that you don't take up too much space. The padding on the back provides you with real comfort. For carrying your water bottles, they are equipped with pockets. Treat yourself to a top-quality backpack at an unbeatable price!

Training materials to be ready for the D-day.

Being a complete activity, running requires good physical preparation. Do you want to train without leaving home? You need the right equipment like a treadmill. Our products are designed to give you access to different exercise modes and allow you to progress at your own pace. Combining performance and functionality, all our models will give you the best possible workout.