Women's Running Clothes at low prices

All the equipment necessary for running isavailable in a few clicks in our catalogue. Jerseys and t-shirts, shorts, trousers and leggings, sweatshirts, jackets and windbreakers, bras, socks and underwear, compression... Sportisgood has selected for you the best women's textile for running intotal comfort.

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Women's textiles and running accessories: everything you need for running.

Quality equipment is essential for an enjoyable and optimal running experience. Sportisgood offers you an extensive selection of women's running clothing and accessories to help you get properly equipped. Make up your running outfit through the biggest brands: Asics, Adidas, Nike, Gore, Joma, Errea, Reebok...

Technical clothing for more performance

Like any other sporting activity, running requires adapted equipment. Choosing clothing designed specifically for running will give you the comfort you need to improve your performance. For an optimal experience, focus on products made with technical materials. Choose women's clothing made with a breathable fabric that wicks away sweat. Trousers with high-performance components such as Gore-Tex will provide you with effective protection against the elements. If you're just running for your well-being, you can opt for a suit with a loose fit that gives you great freedom of movement. If you train regularly to improve your performance, opt instead for more fitted outfits to limit friction-related irritation.

Running outfits adapted to all conditions

Choosing the right running outfit is essential in order to gain performance and run with confidence. To be effective, it must be adapted to the weather conditions and your activity.

Running in hot weather

During sunny weather, it is always a good idea to opt for a light outfit that will allow you to move around freely. To avoid the unpleasant sensation caused by perspiration, choose comfortable and breathable clothing. Cotton is to be banned as it is a moisture-retaining material. A jersey or T-shirt with a breathable mesh is an excellent choice for better ventilation. For the bottom, you can opt for shorts to gain comfort, or shorts to enjoy lightness. Seamless running clothes are recommended to avoid discomfort or injuries due to friction.

Running in cold weather

In cold seasons, it is advisable to wear several layers of clothing depending on the temperature. For the top, you can layer a breathable T-shirt, a second long-sleeved insulating T-shirt and a warm, breathable jacket. To keep your body warm, wear a hat and gloves with a well-ventilated lining if you feel the need. For the lower body, running tights or leggings are ideal. In addition to protecting you from the cold, this type of clothing offers excellent support and delays muscle fatigue.

Running in windy or rainy weather

The running jacket is an essential piece of equipment for running in good conditions when the weather is bad. The one designed with a breathable and water-repellent technical fabric will protect you from light rain while staying dry. In case of rain, you should wear a waterproof jacket such as Gore-Tex or Pertex Shield for example. These technologies use a breathable, waterproof and resistant membrane. And if you have to face the wind on your outings, opt for a windbreaker that combines protection and breathability to keep you warm.

High-performance women's running underwear

The choice of running underwear is very important to feel comfortable when running. Size is an essential parameter not to be neglected. Make sure you choose a model that fits perfectly and does not cause discomfort during the effort. Running is a high-impact sport, so it's essential to choose bras that are adapted to protect your chest. Opt for an item that offers excellent support toprotect your feminine attributes from the outside elements. Running bras have reinforcements in key areas to reduce breast movement.

All the accessories for good running equipment

To enjoy optimal comfort, you need to invest in some equipment developed especially for running. Running socks will allow you to run dry and avoid blisters thanks to their technical materials and seamless design. Whether it's a sleeve or cuff, compressions are very useful to reduce muscle vibrations and reduce pain. Accessories such as caps, hats, gloves, or neckpits give you the protection you need to train in all weathers. Always choose breathable models that wick away perspiration and dry quickly.