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Running is a discipline that requires specific equipment for a safe practice. Discover protective shorts, knee pads, elbow pads, protective sleeves, foot protectors, ankle pads, shoulder pads or even support bands... and live your passion to the fullest without worrying about injuries !

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High quality products for running

Running enthusiasts need the best possible protection in order to continue running in comfort. That's why brands such as Epitact, Blindsave, Thuasne, McDavid, Nike, Hummel, Hyperice and Zamst have designed reliable products for them to protect themselves from possible injuries. With just a few clicks, you can access these high quality products at unbeatable prices.

Equipment dedicated to all sportsmen and women

Complete protection for running

At one time or another, a sportsman or woman, whether amateur or professional, may suffer an injury while running. If this is the case for you, it is very important that you protect yourself properly when you plan to resume physical activity. The same applies if you don't feel up to it on race day. Yes, prevention is better than cure!

On our website, you can find protective gear not only for running but also for all types of sports. Men, women, children, everyone can find the best protection for them at an unbeatable price.

What protection for the lower body ?

Have you recently injured your ankle ? Even if you think your injury is completely healed, don't take any chances. Before you hit the field or the slopes, put on ankle boots first! Don't know which one to get ? You can choose one of the following models: the reinforced ankle support from Thuasne, which is ideal for resuming any sport after sprains and traumas, or the ERGOstrap from Epitact with its patented technologies that allow you to secure your ankle without hindering your movements. These products are available on our website at a reduced price.

Do you want to protect your femur or buttocks ? Then opt for the protective shorts. With side and back reinforcements or padding, they prevent pain and bruising that can be caused by shocks. Don't have any ideas ? The Pro+ model from Blindsave should do the trick.

In any sport, the quality of your support is crucial to prevent injuries. For this you will need a foot protector ! If you are not inspired, the Hallux Valgus developed by Epitact is just one example.

If you had a knee injury a few weeks ago, it's best to use a knee brace for added precaution. Do you want us to guide you in your choice ? Among our available models, you can choose the Elite Advanced by McDavid. It provides excellent stability and reinforced protection with its two side stays. In addition, you will benefit from optimised support and comfort thanks to a double wrap around the patella. We also suggest the Long Sleeve compression knee brace developed by Hummel or the Hyperice compression knee brace. The latter is designed to treat or prevent knee pain and inflammation from strains or tears. It provides you with optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit.

What protection for the upper body ?

Some sports, such as basketball or handball, put more strain on the upper body, such as the shoulders and elbows. In order to effectively protect these specific areas, you need shoulder and elbow pads. For the former, choose the straight compression shoulder pad developed by Hyperice ! For elbow pads, we recommend the Nike elbow 2.0.

And if you are a basketball player, but have recently injured your elbow, you should make sure you protect it with an arm sleeve. Choose the model from Blindsave. This sleeve features BAT technology, which offers a perfect fit and a high level of comfort that is very important for all basketball shooters.

Finally, to ensure optimal protection for your joints, the support bands are indispensable. By visiting our site, you can acquire these protective materials at promotional prices.