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Are you an individual or a gym manager looking for good equipment ? You're in luck. At sportisgood, we have a wide range of fitness and weight training equipment, protections, luggage and nutrition products, sold at unbeatable prices. Top of the range equipment, developed by the big names in the field : adidas, Apurna, Theragun, Leader Fit and Body Solid.

Fitness and weight training, from sports practice to daily ritual

Fitness and weight training have become increasingly popular with the general public and have moved beyond the realm of professional sports. Many people of all ages flock to gyms at the beginning or end of the day to unwind from the daily grind or to keep fit. For those of you who want to have it at home, we have a variety of fitness equipment available on our website at very competitive prices.

Fitness tools

For a proper fitness session, you need a variety of tools, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, depending on the practice. We've put together a short list of our top products for this purpose:

  • Garmin watches for adults and children : with a long battery life and a colour screen, these smart devices track your exercise and health in real time. They are waterproof so you can wear them in the pool, in the shower and in heavy rain.
  • The Endurance Trainer elliptica l: a technological jewel that allows you to work your cardio with equipment programmed to provide exercises adapted to all physical conditions. Equipped with a screen, handles and pedals, it guarantees optimal comfort of use.
  • Best Fitness exercise bike : this device can be placed in a small space and allows you to carry out various strengthening exercises thanks to the latest technology offering a multitude of functions and a brand new braking mechanism.
  • Treadmills : These state-of-the-art tools have an adjustable speed of up to 18KPH for a variety of workouts. They have built-in options such as audio jacks, speakers and an ipad to keep you entertained during your activities.

State of the art strength training equipment

For muscle strengthening, we strongly recommend the three top-of-the-range models below :

  • The Body Solid multi-functional press: as its name suggests, this instrument allows you to work several parts of the body thanks to a very sophisticated structure with pulleys, offering multidirectional pressure according to the targeted areas. Its ergonomic handles guarantee an easy grip for a great ease of use. Its medium size makes it suitable for use at home or in a corner of the gym.
  • The Evo Cardio GAB100 abdominal benches: they allow efficient abdominal work thanks to a targeted tightening system. The weights can be adjusted at will for rigorous work. They are equipped with very soft pads that provide maximum comfort throughout the efforts.
  • The Evocardio airrower pro classic arc100 Evo Cardio rower: allows you to strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower body. It also offers cardiovascular exercises to increase endurance.

Therapeutic accessories

We also offer a number of accessories for the treatment of sore muscles. The ones that stand out are the :

  • Lumbar belts: These provide support for the lower back, offer excellent support, contract the muscles and improve blood circulation for rapid recovery and increased performance. They are ideal for post-injury recovery. Men or women, you can choose between models from Zamst, Select and Thuasne.
  • Hyperice shoulder brace: held in place with a highly compressive strap, this device with ice pack helps speed up healing and ease shoulder pain.
  • Theragun Massage Gun: At the forefront of sports recovery tools, it incorporates smart functionality and an adjustable arm for deep treatment. Its ergonomic handle ensures an easy and effective grip. There are several ranges to choose from: Theragun Elite, Theragun G3, Theragun PRO and Theragun Prime.

Other items you can find on this page

If you continue browsing, you will also be able to find other articles necessary for fitness and bodybuilding, such as bags and luggage (bags, backpacks, sports bags and sports bags with compartments), protective accessories (knee pads, elbow pads, sleeves, shoulder pads and ankle pads) and food supplements. To top it all off, we have a promotional offer on the majority of these products.