Explore our extensive collection of men's lifestyle products from top brands

Jack & Jones, Urban Classics or Columbia, which do you prefer? All these great brands use their knowledge of textiles to satisfy men's fashion lovers. Coats, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, socks and underwears, a multitude of garments are at your disposal to refine your look.

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Elegance for men: men's textiles

For a man, elegance lies in the choice of fabric and cut. We have selected a wide range of outfits, likely to please you, to be worn in cool and warm weather.

Sportswear for all seasons

Training tops for hardened sportsmen

  • More lifestyle sportswear for the winter season

Concerned about your physical fitness? Do you think the cold is no obstacle to practising your favourite sport? You're quite right. When you know that outfits are specially designed to brave the elements, you have nothing to worry about. Between the training jackets and sweaters developed by Nike, Adidas and the sports cockerel, you have a wide choice of designs and attributes. Made from highly functional, soft and lightweight fabric, these tops with excellent thermal insulation give you the comfort you need for better performance during all your winter exercises.

  • Light tops for the rest of the year

After winter the heat returns. And so you need clothes that are more adapted to it. Don't worry, we have what you need. Made with light, supple and functional textiles, these T-shirts, polo shirts and tank tops keep your body cool and dry throughout your efforts for maximum comfort and performance. With a regular or tapered cut, their great flexibility allows a natural movement for flawless mobility.

Trousers and shorts to complete them

Benefiting from a breathable, flexible and light textile design, these shorts and trousers are very comfortable and offer great freedom of movement. With designs that are all as neat as each other, they go perfectly with all our tops for a 100% sporty look during all your exercises.

Stylish and casual men's clothing for all occasions

Sensitive to the cold? A piece of advice, come out well covered! However, the choice of clothing will depend on the occasion. For example, you can wear an anorak for outings with friends, a coat for going to work or to meetings, or alight casual jacket, jumper and pullover for casual evenings or birthday parties. Each one has its own particularity, and the common virtue of these outfits is to keep you warm during your activities.

You can also opt for models with additional attributes, such as parkas, jackets and other garments with waterproof and windproof linings. Available in standard and long sizes, they provide maximum protection and comfort throughout your practice in bad weather.

Dress lightly in the sun
  • T-shirts, polo shirts or tank tops? Make your choice!

For sunny days, it is advisable to wear light clothing that can offer maximum freshness at all times. And we have just the thing for you. A wide selection of t-shirts, tank tops and polo shirts, produced by the textile giants Urban classics, Jack & Jones and Columbia. Made from soft-touch, flexible and breathable fabric, they keep your upper body cool and dry for a feeling of comfort at all times. With their trendy designs, they are sure to please fashionistas.

  • Shirts to go everywhere

You can also mix chic and casual by picking from our list of shirts. Made in denim or cotton, they will be perfect for all your extra-sporty activities. The supple, functional and very silky fabric offers a soft feeling at all times. The choice of colours and patterns makes these marvels a great asset to refine your 100% contemporary look.

  • The trousers and shorts that go with them.

For your moments of relaxation off the pitch or other extra sporting activities, choose one of these trousers. Whether fleece, cargo, jeans or chino, they all fit perfectly with our jackets, T-shirts and polo shirts. Whether it's hot or cold, they are designed to guarantee you maximum comfort all day long. Equipped with side pockets, they allow you to keep accessories close at hand. You can also opt for shorts if you want more lightness and freshness. They are all made of very soft fabric and provide a very pleasant feeling in contact with the skin.