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Are you looking for the right pair of football boots ? Sportisgoodoffers you a wide selection of Adidas cleats, suitable for all levels and practices, and at unbeatable prices. Predator, Copa, Nemeziz, the best ranges are waiting for you !

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Adidas, the football footwear giant

Developing its first modern football boots in 1954, adidas has continued to innovate over the years. Several of its ranges are among the most popular with the pros, including adidas Predator, Copa, X and Nemeziz. In collaboration with renowned players such as Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema and Emmanuel Neuer, it has made a name for itself in the world of football and is the second most popular equipment manufacturer in the world after its great rival Nike.

We'll give you an overview of all these ranges and how they have evolved over time.

Adidas predator

The first adidas Predator football boots were launched in 1994 and revolutionised football boots by incorporating scales on the surface to increase power and shooting accuracy. The second version, Predator Rapier, featured the famous tongue that characterises the range in 1995. Then came the Predator Touch in 1996 and the Predator Accelerator, worn by Zinedine Zidane during the final against Brazil at the 1998 World Cup. A whole series of new generations followed: Predator Precision-2000, Predator Mania-2002, Predator Pulse-2004, Predator Absolute-2006, Predator Powerswerve-2008, Predator X-2010, Predator Lethal zones-2012, Predator Instict-2014, Predator 18-2017, Predator 19-2019, Predator 20-2020 and the latest Predator Freak-2021. The latter will be worn on the world stage by the young and talented Marco Asensio. Also on the Predator ambassador list is French international Paul Pogba.

Adidas copa

Like the Predator range, the Copa has stood the test of time and has been redesigned many times to provide greater comfort and performance. Designed for the 1982 World Cup, these pairs have been the best-selling football boots to this day. With new models only introduced in 2013, this iconic adidas shoe has remained true to its original design, adding a modern twist in the technology used and the colour white. In 2014, just before the World Cup in Brazil, adidas unveiled the samba pack, a pair of colourful pumps in honour of Brazilian cultures. This was followed by the Copa SL and Copa 17.1-2016, the Copa 17.2-2017, the Copa 18.1, Copa 19+ and Copa 19.1 in 2018 and the brand new Copa Sense, released in February this year. Many European players such as Paulo Dybala and Sergio Ramos wear adidas Copa for training and matches.

Adidas Nemeziz

Developed from 2015 to replace the Silo Messi , the Nemeziz are currently the official shoes of Lionel Messi. Although they are designed for him, these high-end pairs are worn by a number of young players such as Roberto Firmino and Lucas Vazquez. They are also available in the colours of Portuguese international Bernardo Silva. You can get the Nemeziz 19.1 FG, 17.1FG, 19.3indoor, 19+FG, .4TF, .3TF, .3MG, .3IN, .3FG, .1FG, 19.3TF, 19.3IC, 19.3FG, 19.2FG, Messi 19.4TF, 19.3LL, 19.3LL TF, Messi 19.3indoor, 19+FG and .4 FxG at low prices in our online shop.

Adidas X

A new generation of laceless and versatile design, the adidas X is the most worn pair on the world stage today. From Gareth Bale to Gabriel Jesus to Heung-Min, these premium pairs boost performance and promise maximum comfort in any situation. Find the X 19.1FG, X 19.2FG, X 19.3TF, X 19.3IC, X 19+FG and X Ghosted+ FG in our online shop at discounted prices.

Choose your shoes according to the terrain

The first parameter in choosing a pair of football boots is the cleats, which must be suitable for the conditions on the pitch. Below we will show you all the types of football cleats you can find on sportisgood.

  • Soft Groud: Designed for play on greasy ground, SG cleats are fixed with screws and can be replaced at will. Made from rigid plastic or metal, they are designed to sink into the ground to ensure aggressive grip.

  • Firm Ground: FG cleats are the most common cleats in the industry. They are moulded cleats par excellence and are designed for use on hard grass. Their versatile design allows them to be worn on synthetic or greasy surfaces. They are made of robust plastic or rubber to ensure maximum stability and excellent playing characteristics.

  • AG: made of strong and flexible rubber, they are dedicated to playing on synthetic surfaces. They offer their wearers a minimum of pressure, an excellent balance and a great comfort of play.

  • Turf: These rubber cleats are ideal for futsal, 5-a-side football and street football. They offer great traction and are also suitable for grass and hard court games.