Women's running shorts at competitive prices

Equip yourself with high quality women's running shorts and shorts to provide you with greater comfort during your runs. Discover our wide range of technical clothing designed by the major brands such as Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Gore... and offered at unbeatable prices !

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Equipment adapted to the changing needs of runners

For several years now, running has been one of the most popular sports. More and more people, including women, men and children, are taking up the sport. In the space of 5 years, the number of runners has increased exponentially. Women are the ones who are most attracted to this beautiful sport of running. But this is not the only thing that has changed. The needs and expectations of women runners in terms of equipment have also changed over time. They demand more and more technicality and precision in the products. So, to satisfy their demands and to conquer newcomers, the biggest brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Joma, Asics, Gore offer more technical shorts, shorts, shorts and skirts and integrate innovative technologies.

If you're a running enthusiast, we've put together a list of the best running clothes on the market. They are ideal to accompany you on your outdoor adventures. You'll find a wide range of women's shorts and shorts at the best prices, which will protect your legs from the rain, the cold wind or the sun.

Our running shorts to be light and totally free

If you're running in sunny or warm conditions, it's best to wear lightweight clothing so you can move freely. Our different models of women's shorts are chosen because they are made of light and breathable materials. They wick away perspiration to keep you dry during exercise. Offering better ventilation thanks to the existence of mesh on certain technical parts, they will provide you with incomparable running comfort, even during extremely intense activity! Find all your favourite brands and their high quality products in this selection: Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, Reebok, Gore, Joma, etc. They are available in all sizes and in different colours to meet everyone's needs. Combining practicality and technicality, our shorts have storage pockets with or without zips. These will allow you to carry your essentials such as a phone, keys, energy bars or gels in complete ease and security. For more femininity and style, you can opt for a skort that provides a little more protection.

Our running shorts for more comfort and performance

The women's running shorts have an anatomical cut and fit close to the skin. They avoid chafing between the thighs due to friction during exercise. They therefore provide greater comfort when running. This type of clothing is being developed to accompany and equip women during their jogging, running, marathon, trail or athletics sessions. In this collection, we have gathered several models of cycling shorts and compression shorts at low prices. Designed by the most famous brands on the market, such as Adidas, Macron, Mizuno, Joma, Nike, Asics, etc., they are ultra-light, resistant and protect you against possible bad weather. They offer you a reinforced support, a feeling of well-being and freedom throughout your practice. The compression shorts have a very tight fit to enhance your performance while providing excellent muscle support. Ideal for longer, more intense efforts, they reduce fatigue and allow you to recover better afterwards. If you're looking for more endurance in your training or running competition, these are the best choice.

Short shorts for the summer months

For running in the summer months, we recommend you to buy short shorts from our wide range. They are made of premium materials to ensure that you run lightly and with a soft, pleasant feel against your skin. Thanks to their anatomical cut, they fit you perfectly to provide comfortable support for your upper thighs and allow you to run in complete safety. They are discreet and unobtrusive under your clothes. They also offer total freedom of movement. The manufacturers have paid particular attention to the seams, which are flat to limit chafing and irritation during exercise. Discover in our catalogue a large choice of women's short shorts or shorty selected from major brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, Macron, Odlo, etc. Offering comfort and technicality, they can accompany you, beyond running, in your various efforts.