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Whether you're just starting out in the world of padel or you're already an enthusiast, sound advice on choosing the right racket for your game can be invaluable. Here's a step-by-step guide designed to point you in the direction of your ideal racket, enriched with details on the most appropriate foam shapes and compositions for each level of play. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO SELECTING YOUR PADEL RACKET

Padel enjoys worldwide popularity for good reason. The excitement of every point scored and the satisfaction of seeing your game improve will make you never want to leave the court. Although getting started with padel is relatively straightforward, choosing the right racket to suit your level and style of play is a real challenge. Faced with a wide range of choices, it can seem daunting to unearth the rare pearl. Fortunately, this guide will take you through each step to ensure you hit the courts with the right racquet.


It's essential to understand how the shape of your racket affects your game. Padel rackets come in three main shapes: round, diamond and teardrop, each of which has a different influence on point impact, weight distribution and, therefore, playing style.

Round: A symbol of precision and control, its large impact zone and low balance promote increased maneuverability and more accurate shots.

Diamond: Aimed at power lovers, it has a smaller, high point impact area, concentrating weight at the head for high-speed shots, although this makes the racket more demanding.

Goutte d'eau: Perfect fusion between maneuverability and power, it offers an ideal balance for versatile play.


Foam material is another key factor, with three main variants: Core Foam, Soft EVA and Firm EVA, offering different sensations and performance.

Core Foam: Accessible and stable, ideal for beginners looking for an affordable, comfortable racquet.

Soft EVA: Offers superior cushioning and increased power without extra effort, perfect for intermediate players looking for comfort.

Firm EVA: For advanced players, combines rigidity and high performance for powerful, precise strokes.


  1. Determine your level of play: Choose a racquet suited to your abilities for an optimal playing experience.
  • Beginners: Go for comfortable, easy-to-use rackets to master the basics.
  • Intermediates/Regulars: Focus on comfort and playability to refine your playing style.
  • Advanced: Focus on performance to intensify your level of play.
  1. Identify your playing style: Select the racquet that complements your approach to padel, whether it's focused on control, power or versatility.

We hope this guide will help you choose the right padel racket for you. By combining the expertise of professionals, juniors, coaches and ambassadors with our design process, we're committed to offering ever-improving quality. Discover our complete collection for an unrivalled playing experience.