All our luggages for runners at unbeatable prices

Take advantage of promotions to complete your running, trail, hiking and trekking equipment ! Bags and luggage developed by the big names in the field such as The North Face, Columbia, Camelbak, Mizuno and Asics are available at unbeatable prices.

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What type of bags should I choose for all outdoor activities?

Running, trail running, trekking and hiking... all these outdoor activities require various accessories to ensure maximum comfort and performance. To make running and hiking enthusiasts happy, major equipment designers such as The Noth Face, Columbia, Camelbak, Mizuno and Asics have developed several types of bags and luggage adapted for short or long trips. Sportisgood has a large selection of low cost, high quality bags and luggage for you to choose from.

Lightweight bags and luggage for runners and trailers

Smartphone, audio device, keys or other accessories... you can carry the essentials on all your runs in the city or in the wilderness, no matter the distance, thanks to our bananas for running and trail enthusiasts. For example, you can opt for the Columbia Tandem Trail range, which is designed with lightweight materials. It's perfectly supported by an adjustable hip belt and has a padded, breathable back panel for optimum wearing comfort. Multiple zipped pockets allow you to store all your small items neatly. You can also get other models such as the Columbia Lightweight Packable, Columbia zigzag, Columbia Lightweight, Columbia popo, Asics pouch m, The Noth Face City Voyager, Urban Classic Outdoor and adidas Sport Casual women's fanny packs at discounted prices.

You should also consider hydration bags to keep you cool on all your long-distance runs. We particularly recommend the Camelbak Octane 10L. This backpack can hold all sorts of lightweight gear and has a 10 litre main reservoir with an extra 2 litres if it's not enough. It also has pockets and attachments for other equipment such as trekking poles. Its padded and highly functional shoulder straps make it easy to carry in all circumstances. You can also choose between several other inexpensive models such as the Camelbak Octane XCT 7L, Camelbak Ultra 10L, Camelbak Fourteener, Camelbak Octane 16L. All these features make it suitable for hiking and trekking trips. They have reflective details on the back for better visibility during night activities.

Bags dedicated to trekking and hiking

For longer adventures in the wilderness, choose models that are larger and better suited to the equipment you need. We offer different types of bags depending on how much space you want to have.


Introducing the all-new Columbia Tandem Trail bags with top closure. These lightweight, spacious backpacks have internal and external pockets for accessories and water bottles and attachments for trekking poles. With adjustable straps made of breathable fabric with internal padding, they ensure easy and comfortable transport of all types of equipment. Other new models like the Columbia Convey 25L Rolltop and Columbia Tandem Trail 16L are also available at competitive prices. Take advantage of great discounts by choosing The North Face Borealis, The North Face Electra, The North Face Cryptic, Asics Sport and many more backpacks.

Sports bags

For longer trips, consider travel bags with a larger volume. Carried with fixed sewn-in handles and adjustable shoulder straps, these sturdy bags can hold a multitude of essentials for all your forest and mountain adventures. We are running a promotion on the Mizuno karate and Asics Essentials foldaway.

Bags, purses and gym bags

For short trips and daily exercises, you can opt for small bags that can hold a few medium and small pieces of equipment that are essential for all your practices. Lightweight and easy to carry, most of these bags have reflective details to ensure better visibility during night-time activities.

High quality bags for extreme conditions

Designed for outdoor use, these bags and luggage must be suitable for all likely conditions in the outdoor environment. The designers have therefore selected the best textiles on the market to guarantee excellent resistance toabrasion and weathering, so as to ensure maximum durability. This makes them easy to care forand suitable for all types of washing.