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For many years now, Mizuno has been establishing itself as a key player in the manufacture of sports footwear, thanks in particular to its strong presence in the world of running for decades. Thanks to a successful blend of technology and innovation, Mizuno now offers a range of iconic running models, designed to meet all your needs. To help you make your choice, we have tested each model so that you can find the ideal Mizuno shoe for your road races.

Mizuno shoe Wave Rider

Iconic among the Japanese manufacturer's models, the Mizuno Wave Rider shoe, launched in 1997, has evolved while maintaining a perfect balance between comfort, shock absorption and responsiveness. Whether for a 10 km, a half-marathon or even a marathon, the Wave Rider stands out for its versatility, although it is particularly suited to runners with a universal or neutral stride.

Mizuno Waveknit shoe

Considered the airy, more comfortable version of the Wave Rider, the Mizuno Waveknit is characterized by its knitted upper, offering exceptional adaptability to the runner's foot. Ideal for warmer seasons, this shoe offers excellent breathability.

Mizuno Wave shoe Sky

Mizuno continues to push back the boundaries of innovation with the release of the Wave Sky 5 and Wave Sky 6 models, promising the ultimate in comfort at running. Thanks to Mizuno Foam Wave technology, an evolution of the famous Wave plate, these shoes offer unprecedented shock absorption and remarkable stability, due in part to memory foam.

Mizuno Wave Skyrise

Always at the forefront of technology, Mizuno launched the Mizuno Wave Skyrise range at the end of 2019, combining innovation and performance for long distances. This range features the integration of Foamwave and XPOP technologies, guaranteeing an unforgettable running experience for those seeking the very best in comfort and technology.