Jerseys vintage / Retro of your favorite teams

Enjoy an extensive selection of vintage lifestyle clothing related to the world of football in our online shop sportisgood: jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets and much more. Find high quality products at unbeatable prices to assert your passion for retro football.

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Vintage lifestyle clothing dedicated to footballers

Passionate about football ? Need new pieces to enrich your collection of vintage lifestyle clothing ? Then you've come to the right place. At sportisgood, we have a wide range of retro football clothing for you to express your lifestyle and live your passion to the full. Whether you are looking for vintage jerseys or jackets with the logos of famous former football clubs, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our online shop. Our wide selection consists of football shirts that have made history thanks to the achievements of legendary teams such as Benfica in 1960, Juventus in 1985, and Argentina in 1986.

In order to offer you the best, our team has selected the most beautiful vintage shirts from brands specialising in retro football items such as COPA. The lifestyle football products offered by sportisgood are cheap and of high quality and are available online. Take advantage of our fast delivery service for your purchase of vintage football clothing in our online shop.

When vintage football fashion becomes trendy

Vintage has been a trend in many areas, including football, for many years. In the world of football, more and more fans are being seduced by lifestyle pieces with an old-fashioned style, especially jerseys, which are mostly full of history. Vintage is nowadays in vogue and is attracting interest from a wide range of people, and has even become "cool" with some young people. A trend that appeals to those who are nostalgic for an era, a team or even a jersey that marked their childhood or that of their parents.

Historical jerseys of great clubs

If you are a real football fan, you probably know the history of some of the teams that have left their mark on their era. Juventus of Turin in 1985, the club in which the French international footballer Michel Platini played, is one of them. They won the European Champion Clubs' Cup for the first time, beating Liverpool 2-1 in the final. Napoli in the 80's became one of the great clubs of the time, dominating Italian football with the world class player Diego Maradona : winner of the Italian Championship and Cup in 1987. You will of course find these historic shirts and many more to discover or rediscover on sportisgood.

Copa's retro jerseys

Are you looking for the most beautiful vintage football shirts ? You are sure to find the best models on sportisgood. The famous brand COPA offers a whole collection of striking jerseys from the 1960s onwards in reissued versions for the enjoyment of fans of the genre. Explore our selection to find rare, high-quality retro jerseys at low prices. Sports brands such as Kappa, Toffs or Score Draw also offer vintage jerseys that were worn by some of the most notable teams in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

A wide selection of vintage jerseys to complete your look

An essential element in the world of football, the jersey is not only reserved for the field. It is also a lifestyle garment that can be worn every day to assert your lifestyle and your love for football. At sportisgood we offer you a wide range of retro football shirts at the best value for money that will satisfy your expectations. Our selection includes the iconic 80's collar jerseys to complete your outfit in a stylish and original way. You can create a sportswear or streetwear look and stand out in the stadium as well as on the street.

A whole universe for retro football fans: jerseys, sweaters, jackets

Vintage football fans can look forward to sportisgood ! Our selection of lifestyle clothing is available in a wide range of styles so that everyone can find the piece that best suits their needs. In addition to a rich collection of retro jerseys, you can find sweatshirts and retro-style football jackets in our online shop to give your look the finishing touch. Comfortable and breathable, our vintage lifestyle products will surely seduce you with their design and exceptional quality.