Find a wide selection of football goalkeeper's gloves at low prices

Discover a large selection of football goalkeeper gloves on Sport is good. The most beautiful models are offered to you at low prices. Get yourself equipped with the best brands such as Nike, Uhlsport, Reusch, Adidas... to play as well as the pros like Ter Stegen.

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A wide range of goalkeeper protection for football

In football, the goalkeeper is an extremely important position. As the last line of defence between the ball and the goal, the fate of his team lies in his hands. In order to counteract shots, the goalkeeper may have to perform certain technical moves of varying degrees of risk in order to prevent the ball from crossing the line. This is why he must be equipped with certain specific accessories intended to facilitate his task and protect him from blows. There are several types of protection for goalkeepers: gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. In the early 1800s, goalkeepers were not required to wear gloves. But today it is almost unthinkable for reasons of hand protection, but also to prevent the ball from slipping. Argentina's Amadeo Carrizo was the first to wear them in 1945. Since then, major brands such as Uhlsport, Reusch, Adidas, Nike, Erima, Errea and Puma have competed to produce more technical, sophisticated and durable models.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or expert goalkeeper, you need quality gloves to be able to perform in the penalty area and play like famous goalkeepers like Ter Stegen, Neuer, Allison, Navas, etc. Find in our selection a large choice of gloves of all types at the best prices.

The different cuts of goalkeeper gloves

Gloves are the number one tool of the goalkeeper. They serve as both protection and support for a better ball handling. The cut of goalkeeper's gloves can be classified into 4 main categories. Your choice should be made according to your needs and your level of play. Negative seams are the cut that perfectly fits the shape of the hand with seams on the inside of the gloves. They offer a good grip on the ball thanks to the additional latex added between the fingers which increases the contact area. In contrast, the seams are on the outside of the glove in the flat seam design. The wearer benefits from a comfortable fit and a large contact area that can be extended to the fingertips. The third type is the Rollfinger cut with seams on the inside of the gloves, but a larger palm. The contact area is thus 30% larger than with a negative cut. Hybrid gloves are the latest category that is becoming more and more popular on the field. As the name suggests, the hybrid palm combines several types of seams: Rollfinger, negative and flat seams. This significantly improves ball handling and comfort.

Uhlsport, the leader in sports equipment for goalkeepers

Founded in 1948, Uhlsport is a German brand specialising in goalkeeper equipment. Its gloves are distinguished by their quality design and innovative Absolutgrip technology. This technology provides extra cushioning and excellent weather resistance. In our selection, we offer different models of Uhlsport gloves in classic, hybrid or negative fit.

Reusch: a leading brand for goalkeepers

Founded in 1934 by Karl Reuch, this German brand initially manufactured gloves for mountaineers before specialising in goalkeeper gloves. It is currently known as one of the world's leading glove designers. It has several reference models designed specifically to improve the performance of the goalkeeper during a match or training session. Its Attrakt R3 gloves, for example, offer a good balance between grip and durability thanks to DuraGuard latex.

Nike and Adidas

Nike and Adidas are the market leaders in football boots, but they are not neglecting goalkeeper gloves. One of the most popular pairs of Adidas gloves is the Predator Pro glove with flat seams. They have Demonskin technology on the back of the hand and a URG 2.0 latex palm for great grip especially on heavy shots. As far as Nike is concerned, these Vapor Grip 3's are also a success thanks to the All Conditions Control technology which improves control in all weather conditions. These are the gloves used by Thibaut Courtois, Ederson and Alisson Becker.

Erima and Errea

Erima is also a German brand of sports equipment. They make very good goalkeeper gloves such as the Flex RD Pro match and training gloves which are extremely flexible and comfortable. Errea, on the other hand, is an Italian sportswear brand, but they make high performance goalkeeper gloves for adults and juniors.