Our selection of Men's Running Shoes at unbeatable prices

Explore our catalogue to discover the best men's shoes for running and outdoor activities. Asics, Adidas, Nike, Saucony, Columbia, Under Armour, Reebok... All your favourite brands are available at smart prices on your online shop sportisgood.fr. If you like trail, road and path running, hiking, fitness or athletics, you're bound to find what you're looking for here!

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Premium quality running shoes for men adapted to your activities

Need a pair of high quality shoes for your outdoor sessions? Sportisgood offers you a rich selection of models adapted to your sporting activities: road and path, trail, hiking, athletics, fitness.

Specialised running shoes for roads and paths

If you are one of the road or track runners, it is important to choose men's shoes with features adapted to this practice. Cushioning, support, stability and comfort are the assets to be favoured for this equipment. Depending on the terrain, your shoes must offer good cushioning toabsorb shocks. Support is also essential so that your feet adopt an optimal position throughout the effort. A model like the Asics Kayano will give you extra balance thanks to the Asics Gel cushioning system. This technology also provides the highest impact absorption for added protection and comfort.

The best trail shoes for men

A demanding discipline, the trail is generally practised on paths and slopes. The technical nature of the terrain is an important parameter to take into account when choosing suitable men's shoes. If you often run on more or less regular areas, light and breathable models will do the trick. The Vibram Five fingers shoes are an excellent choice thanks to their impressive lightness combined with their soft sole. For more difficult terrain, it's best to equip yourself with stronger shoes with protection against the elements. If you're playing on wet surfaces, we advise you to opt for models equipped with studs that provide good grip.

The best hiking shoe models

Whether you hike just for fun or as a sporting activity, you will need to find suitable footwear. For short sessions, we advise you to choose shoes that are soft, light and breathable. Ideal shoes for mini hikes provide excellent grip and hold. With soft soles, they guarantee optimal comfort for short distances. If you want to hike longer distances, you should choose shoes that are robust, protective and comfortable. High shank models such as the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker are a great option for optimal ankle support during your big adventures.

Athletic shoes for training and competitions

If you are an experienced track runner, you will need high quality equipment to practice running in the best conditions. Rather sprint, middle-distance or cross-country? For sprint races, you will need a pair with rigid soles, which has the advantage of offering better dynamism. However, the shoes suitable for middle-distance athletics are very different. Unlike sprinting, this variant requires shoes with heel cushioning to avoid shocks. The soles must be flexible enough to make you more comfortable when running. For cross-country, you will need specially designed athletic spikes. Choose a pair with cushioning in the heel area and more or less rigid soles.

An extensive choice of fitness and training shoes

Fitting yourself with high-performance shoes is essential if you want to gain flexibility and lightness during your fitness and training sessions. Quality men's shoes are an important asset for your comfort. In addition, perfectly adapted equipment will limit the risk of injury during your sports activities. Choose shoes that are both light and supple and that allow freedom of movement. Breathability is a crucial element to take into account in order to feel comfortable during your efforts. A model like the Reebok Flexagon Energy 3.0 MT has a breathable upper that keeps you cool at all times.

Running shoes: The most reliable brands at the best price

Whether you are a beginner runner or an experienced athlete, find here the best men's shoes to practice your favourite sport in optimal conditions. We offer you a wide choice of models signed by the biggest brands: Asics, Adidas, Nike, Saucony, Columbia, Under Armour, Reebok... Through our selection of running shoes, you will be able to benefit from top quality equipment without paying a fortune. Take advantage of our promotions and special offers to find innovative products at discount prices. Don't look any further, the bargains are on sportisgood.