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A Symbol of History and Excellence Dunlop embodies tradition and excellence in the world of sports, and has been present in the world of tennis and padel for many years. Renowned for its expertise, the brand stands out for its top-of-the-range padel rackets and a variety of accessories designed for players' transport and equipment. Dunlop is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Whatever the level or technique, Dunlop rackets meet the expectations of amateurs and professionals alike, offering excellent value for money. They are the fruit of constant innovation, consolidating their reputation in the padel arena.

Excellence and accessibility: credo from Dunlop Dunlop offers a range of rackets suitable for everyone, from novice to expert. Models for beginners are designed to be light and easy to handle, with optimal shock absorption thanks to high-density foam. Their round shape and wide sweet spot facilitate hitting, making the game more enjoyable.

For professionals, Dunlop presents advanced rackets, including teardrop-shaped models, perfect for players with an offensive approach. The sweet spot is at the top, favoring powerful shots. These rackets are carbon-reinforced for added resilience and equipped with technologies such as Tri-Clamp, reducing vibration and increasing durability.

With a particular focus on the needs of elite competitors, Dunlop continues to innovate. In 2021, professional Ramiro Moyano has chosen Dunlop for the World Padel Tour, testifying to the brand's international renown.

The world-renowned quality of Dunlop racquets The distinctive aspect of Dunlop racquets lies in their meticulous design, offering a vast selection of models in a variety of colors, elegant without being ostentatious. The iconic "Flying D" logo adorns the center of each snowshoe, vibrant and dominant, while the dark bottom met highlights this signature.

The racquets feature single handles or colored stripes for aesthetic contrast. Dunlop promises exceptional performance at a competitive price, committed to the development of innovative racquets to meet the specific demands of padel and the uniqueness of each player.