Our Lifestyle football collection at unbelievable prices : Olive and Tom

Fan of the manga and anime Olive and Tom? At Sport is good, you will find all the official football outfits of the teams from this Japanese animation series that marked the 80s: t-shirts, jackets, shorts and caps with a lifestyle trend. They are made by the brand Okawa Sport and offered at low prices.

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Olive and Tom, a phenomenal manga from the 1980s with worldwide success

Olive and Tom, originally called "Captain Tsubasa", is the most popular football manga on the planet. It was broadcast from 1983 and ran for more than 200 episodes, making it one of the very first anime series about football. It also managed to become one of the most famous mangas of the 1980s, whether in Japan, Europe or the whole world. Adults and children alike waited passionately in front of the TV every day for an episode of this cult series. It seems that international celebrities such as Zinedine Zidane, Alessandro Del Piero and Fernando Torres loved it in their youth and encouraged them to perfect their technique. And today, its popularity has never waned. A sportswear brand, Okawa Sport, offers fans merchandise directly from the series, such as the jerseys of the fictional teams in the cartoon. Olive et Tom tells the story of a young boy, Olivier Atton, a football prodigy who dreams of becoming world champion.

Endearing characters, adventures and epic football matches

Olivier Atton (Tsubasa Ozora in the original version) is the hero of the series. He is a young boy with a passion for football whose dream is to become the best footballer in the world. When he leaves school or home, he always holds a ball and trains relentlessly to achieve his dream. On the other hand, Thomas Price (GenzĂ´ Wakabayashi) is another player who is also famous. He plays the role of goalkeeper and manages to stop the vast majority of shots throughout the series. At the beginning of the adventure, the two characters are rivals: Olivier is on the New Pie school team and Thomas is on the Saint Francis school team. But they become friends when they are reunited in the same team, the New Team. He is recognized by his white and red Arsenal jersey in the first season, which is quickly changed to white and blue in the second season. As the games progress, Olivier meets talented players. He has to face many opponents, such as Mupett with its famous navy blue shirt, Toho with its navy blue shirt, Hot Dog with its green and yellow shirt, Flynet... Fortunately, he can count on the advice of his coach Roberto, a Brazilian football star.

Olive and Tom collection for a streetwear look

Are you a fan of the famous cartoon Olive and Tom and looking for products derived from the series? Okawa Sport has developed a whole range of officially licensed Olive and Tom team items. From Olivier Atton's Newteam to Mark Landers' Toho or Muppet and the Derrick brothers' Hotdog, the brand offers t-shirts, jackets, shorts and caps. You'll find them all in our lifestyle collection at the best prices. Ideal to remember your childhood heroes or to give to your child, these clothes are extremely faithful to the design of the official jerseys worn by the characters in the series. They stand out for their quality design and durability. Combining fashion and sport, they have a streetwear style that is perfect for adding a sportswear touch to your everyday look. You can also play football or train with the Olive and Tom shirts. Made from lightweight fabric, they guarantee comfort and performance on the pitch. You'll feel like your favourite characters and their style. A little training and you'll have their talent too!

A wide range of official Olive and Tom football outfits and accessories

The Japanese animation series Olive and Tom comes to life with the officially licensed collection of the Okawa Sport brand. Find in our selection a wide range of outfits of all the teams to relive the great games of the anime with your friends. Our products are available for all ages and sizes to please both adults and children. They are comfortable and resistant to adapt to your matches or training sessions. If you're a fan of Olivier and his team, you can buy the Newteam 1 or 2 junior t-shirt and shorts to create a team shirt. If you admire the Derrick twins and their infernal catapult technique, the Hotdog jersey (season 2) is perfect for you. There is also a wide selection of Olive and Tom team jackets for you to choose from, so you can choose your favourite team: New Team, Flynet or Hotdog. And when you're training or out in the sun, don't forget to choose the Toho caps.