All our products dedicated to goalies at low prices

Nike, Adidas, Uhlsport and Reusch... all these pioneering brands of soccer equipment put their expertise at your service to design goalkeeper's gloves, various types of protection, baselayers, complete outfits or even high-performance accessories. They are available in adult and junior models to delight football lovers of all ages.

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A wide range of products for goalies

Being the last line of defense, your function is not the least important as you are placed in the cages to prevent your team from conceding goals. In order to carry out this mission effectively, you have to be demanding in your choice of equipment.

Sturdy and comfortable soccer gloves at the best prices

Available in adult and children's sizes, these goalkeeper gloves have a soft and very supple padding which not only gives them unparalleled comfort, but also better cushioning. They are equipped with small openings on their surface, allowing good air circulation for a permanent feeling of freshness. Made of flexible materials for natural hand movement, they guarantee optimal ball control. The hyper-adherent foam palm provides exceptional grip in all conditions, whether it's snowing or raining.

Benefiting from perfect support due to an adjustable Velcro closure, they are reinforced at the fist level to allow you to eject the ball in a dangerous situation.

Several parameters come into play to choose the pair that best suits your activities. But the most important is the fit. Indeed, it is in the choice of seams that their performance lies. We wanted to give you a small glimpse of their respective specificities:

Negative: with seams pointing inwards, it provides a bare hands sensation for a better grip and increased comfort.

Rollfinger: it offers a molded contact thanks to seams on the top of the fingers.

Flat: this is the most common cut in glove design. It guarantees great robustness and a high-performance grip.

Hybrid: it includes all types of seams in strategic areas for extreme control.

Flexible, light, and functional soccer goalkeeper's uniforms

Clothing plays a crucial role in the performance of a player, in this case, the goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper jerseys

Wake up the big guard sleeping inside you in one of these Uhlsport, Nike, Adidas, Puma or Erima jerseys! With long or short sleeves, they benefit from a functional, soft and light fabric design for maximum comfort, top performance and enormous freedom of movement, especially in the arms.

Most of the long-sleeved models are equipped with elbow reinforcements for optimum safety.

Goalkeeper stockings at unbeatable prices

Shorts: The choice of goalkeeper shorts should be made according to the field of play. On a soft surface, you can wear a lightweight model with a loose fit for an optimal feeling of freshness and freedom of movement. Otherwise, you should opt for those with integrated reinforcements. With excellent shock absorption, these very soft pads guarantee your safety during all your parades.

Trousers: Comfortable, light and flexible, the trousers offer better protection by incorporating reinforcements, not only on the hips but also on the knees. Their fitted cut, combined with compressive fabric, provides good muscle contraction for boosted performance.

You can also choose from a range of jersey-short and jersey-pants sets for a complete outfit in just one click.

The best offers for comfortable and high-performance compression garments

Intended for muscle support and protection, these compression tops and bottoms have a quality textile design, guaranteeing high resistance to abrasion and maximum durability. Highly functional, they keep your body cool and dry during all your efforts for optimal comfort. With or without reinforcements, they provide good muscle contraction and improve blood circulation for increased performance.

Safety above all!

A contact sport, in which one can find quite aggressive gestures at times, football requires high-performance protective equipment. Accessories are available to help you cope with them.

Low-priced shin guards for soccer goalkeepers

The area most often hit during a tackle, the leg must be covered during a match or training session. There are different models of shin guards available. They have a robust and flexible shell, offering excellent shock absorption and freedom of movement. They are held in place by a functional textile leg pad or integrated straps, providing optimum wearing comfort at all times.

Ankle and knee pads: your favorite brands at low prices

For added safety, add ankle and knee pads. Apart from providing optimum protection for the knees and ankles, they also offer excellent muscle support for increased performance. They are also very effective for the treatment of muscles in the recovery phase.