Discover all our sneakers of the biggest brands

It is possible to play sports and still be stylish in everyday life. Just put on sneakers and see for yourself ! Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Buffalo, Saucony, Hummel... so many references available to help you combine practicality and aesthetics !

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Sneakers, when sport and fashion become one

Whether for sporting activities or simply for basic everyday use, find a rich collection of sneakers to be stylish in all circumstances! You are sure to find the ideal pair in the biggest brands.

For the little story

You have to go back to 1868... yes, it's not a recent date... to find the trace of the first sports shoes! They were produced at that time by Candde Manufacturing and were called "sneakers". To sneak in silently, these shoes had rubber soles, which made it possible to move around discreetly. However, it was not until 1917 that the first sneakers dedicated to sport were introduced. It was the Chuck Taylor All Star from Converse. They began to become very popular in 1980. The cause? The rise of hip-hop and streetwear where rappers and dancers adopted the style of basketball players. Basketball players symbolised belonging to street culture and were a great success with an increasingly wider public.

A real fashion phenomenon

Currently, these shoes have established themselves as the "shoes" to wear. You've probably noticed that they are omnipresent every season! In 2016, sales exploded in France with 67 million pairs that found takers. It must be said that in addition to their attractive design, they have the advantage of accommodating different styles of clothing, whether casual or formal. For example, you can wear them with slim-fitting jeans and a bomber. But you can also easily combine them with a 3-piece suit! To make sure that they match your look perfectly, you need to choose the right colours! White sneakers are known for their neutrality. They are also easier to match with most of your outfits. Black and brown are great for a more formalstyle. Dark colours are generally suitable for winter. On the contrary, don't hesitate to choose bright, even flashy colours in summer. The same goes for the choice of materials! Opt for wool or velvet trainersduring cooler periods, as they keep the warmth in. Canvasand cotton are perfect for the summer season. If you want to combine robustness and suppleness, you should opt for leathermodels. Convinced? Then treat yourself to the pair of your dreams at an unbeatable price!

Sneakers to practice a sport

Need we remind you that before becoming a fashion accessory, these shoes originally had a sporting vocation? If you like running, sneakers are the best choice! To provide you with comfort, experts have equipped them with an efficient cushioningsystem. In addition, they allow you to slim your calves and thighs due to the thin soles. In short, you can run for hours on end and still enjoy stability and flexibility at the same time. Asics, Adidas, can find what you're looking for from well-known brands at very competitive prices!

Trainers to enhance everyday life

Very fashionable, sneakers are nowadays intended to be used in everyday life. You want to wear them but you hesitate in the choice of models? Don't panic! First of all, there are the must-have Stan Smith and Superstar from Adidas Originals! Originally designed for sports, tennis for the former and basketball for the latter, these stars of the 80s have been brought back into fashion. They have a more modern look and are trendy to the delight of fans of classicshoes. But Adidas is not the only one to have had this nostalgia for the past. Indeed, its competitors Reebok and New Balance are also on the move! The former is now equipped with the Club C85, also a nod to the 80's! Revisited, this model has retained the characteristic features of its illustrious predecessors, namely elegance and sobriety. In the same vein, New Balance gives its NB 997 a new lease of life. If you're the retro-running type, this is the pair for you! Finally, in case these shoes don't inspire you, Puma suggests the RS-X! You'll appreciate the improved version of its famous RS (Running System) that fits perfectly on the street.