Equipment for your Soccer club at the best prices

Like any self-respecting team sport, football is a discipline that requires the use of reliable equipment ! Chasubles, kits, ball sets, luggage, goal nets... everything a club needs is available in a few clicks on sportisgood !

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Equipment designed for football clubs

In order to exist and develop in the long term, a football club must be attractive by offering its members optimal training and playing conditions. Consequently, it must equip itself with the materials and accessories necessary for the training of its players. And all this in the best conditions! Find reliable equipment at the best price !

Football products of impeccable quality

Complete equipment for footballers !

Since training is the key to success in football, your club needs specific equipment for this purpose. For exercises, the cups are ideal for marking out specific areas. They are available in different colours to create visual cues. The cups can be complemented with cones ! Perfect for defining routes! For training relaxation and reactivity, hurdles are essential ! For the development of coordination, support and frequency, the rhythm scale is the right equipment ! However, it would be difficult for the coach to evaluate the performance of his players without measuring devices such as stopwatches for example !

So much for physical preparation, but for a small training match to take place you need the right equipment ! To mention only the balls, the goals and the nets ! These three products are essential for the practice of football ! And in order to distinguish the groups that compete on the field, the players need chasubles to distinguish them from each other !

Since contact is quite common in football, a club needs first aid supplies to provide the necessary care in case of injury. In order to quickly soothe a pain after a shock for example, cold spray or cold compresses are recommended ! These reduce inflammation by providing an anaesthetic effect !

Find these durable and resistant club equipment at an exceptional price !

Tremblay: a brand that meets the needs of football clubs

Is your club looking for quality training equipment ? Tremblay CT offers a wide range of equipment to properly equip a club like yours! Starting with the goals ! For an efficient training, the mini goals are very practical ! The pro model from Tremblay should do the trick ! It is made of metal and has a high quality net !

And since football is very muscle-intensive, it is important to do some strength training ! So your trainer needs hurdles for plyometrics ! The 45 cm mini jumping hurdles developed by the brand allow to improve the amplitude and the rebounds of the players ! Still in terms of physical exercises, your team should be able to work on specific areas ! For this, the cups are very useful! So choose the kit of 20 coloured cups with support! Finally, to mark out routes to work on mobility, choose the 16 cm flexible cones ! They are elastic and easily return to their original shape after being crushed !

All this equipment dedicated to the club area is available at unbeatable prices !

Lynx Sport, a brand that meets expectations

Apart from Tremblay Ct, clubs can also count on the training products developed by the Lynx Sport brand ! If your teammates want to improve their set-pieces, for example, they need the right equipment to practice effectively ! Made of flexible PVC and steel spikes, the set of 3 free kick dummies should allow them to perfect their shots! And for the small oppositions on the field, players should be able to differentiate themselves by wearing chasubles ! Designed in mesh, these are both light and airy !

Since a match cannot be played without goals, lynx Sport has designed some innovative models ! For example, you can choose the QuickFire 4 x 1.5 m ! Easily transportable, quick and practical to assemble, this goal is perfect for use on natural or synthetic football pitches and in gymnasiums.

Finally, for the staff and the substitutes, the brand equips your club's pitches with touch shelters ! These have a high resistance anodised aluminium structure ! They are also equipped with polycarbonate rear and side panels ! Good news, on our website, these models are currently offered at low prices !