All Mizuno Football Shoes at unbeatable prices

Playing football requires the use of appropriate equipment! Find Mizuno football boots worn by top players like the Hulk! Discover the brand's emblematic football cleats in historic ranges such as Morelia, Rebula or Monarcida !

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Models that meet the expectations of footballers

Any self-respecting football player must use quality shoes in order to improve his performance ! It is precisely to help footballers go further and further that the Mizuno brand has developed models adapted to their needs ! Morelia, Rebula, Monarcida, find the pair you need at the best price !

Mizuno and the world of football

A brand that has made a place for itself among the world's elite

Mizuno has been around since the beginning of the 20th century! The brand began to break into the world of football in 1980 with its iconic Morelia shoes ! Constantly looking for innovation, Mizuno has become in a few years one of the world references in football shoes! That's why football stars such as Thiago Motta, Roberto Carlos and Hulk use Mizuno shoes.

The Mizuno Morelia, a mythical model

If Mizuno has become so famous, it is largely thanks to the Morelia cleats ! This one was launched by the Japanese brand in the mid-80s ! But since then, it has undergone some notable evolutions! In 1991, the second generation was launched with more flexibility and lightness to provide more comfort! In 2000, after launching the Morelia UL, Mizuno started to design the Morelia Wave 3 years later with the objective of offering more stability and cushioning. The new version of the Wave plate was a success! In 2008, the Morelia II received improvements to the tongue, insole and heel counter ! In 2011, the Morelia II Neo was introduced with the characteristics of modern football boots. A year later, further improvements were made to the Morelia II with the inclusion of an anatomical sole and kangaroo leather! In 2015, Mizuno focuses on the outsole to make it more flexible, light and durable ! For the 35th anniversary of the Morelia II (in 2020), the brand is making yet another evolution on this pair. The Morelia II has a narrower opening to meet the needs of players who are looking for foot-friendly models like laceless shoes.
The Mizuno Morelia has been used by famous players such as Fernando Torres from Spain and Kaka from Brazil ! So treat yourself to these comfortable and durable shoes at a low price !

All about the Mizuno Rebula

Launched in the summer of 2017, the Rebula model is more modern than its predecessor! Indeed, it integrates new technologies and is equipped with an irremovable kangaroo leather. This pair is available in 4 versions: the Rebula V1 "Made in Japan" (top of the range), the Rebula V1, the Rebula V2 (mid-range) and the Rebula V3 (entry level). The first two versions have the same characteristics! They are equipped with 360° seamless premium kangaroo leather uppers enhanced by the CT Frame ! In addition, they are equipped with a new Dual Density outsole made of nylon and TPU, which gives the player flexibility during acceleration and better rigidity for optimal support! And to prevent the cleats from deforming during play, they are oval-shaped and come with stabilisers.
The Rebula V2 also has a kangaroo leather upper! It also features the CT Frame for a great feel for the ball! The outsole lacks Dual Density technology and the oval studs have no stabilisers !

Finally, the Rebula V3 has a Zero Glide insole and a TPU outsole for the FG version. It is available in several versions depending on the type of terrain.
All these high quality pairs are available at an exceptional price and in different sizes !

What about the Mizuno Monarcida ?

Just like the Mizuno Morelia and the Mizuno Rebula, the Mizuno Monarcida range is available in several versions ! For example, the Monarcida Neo and the Monarcida Neo Select AG ! The first one is equipped with a removable ZeroGlide insole in order to provide the footballer with a better grip on the ball and maximum comfort ! The latter is an entry-level shoe made of synthetic material and designed for matches played on artificial pitches.

Which surfaces go with which cleats ?

When playing football, it is very important to consider the type of surface you are playing on ! If it's a dry pitch, choose FG moulded studs ! If you are playing on a greasy surface, we recommend that you use spaced SG studs to put enough pressure on each stud to avoid slipping. And if you are playing football on a synthetic surface, AG cleats are shorter and more flexible ! If you play indoor football, you will need flat soles to get a good grip on the floor ! On our website, choose the pair you need at a very competitive price !