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Padel rackets from Head Recognized worldwide for its immense prestige, Head stands out for the superior quality and innovations of its products, becoming a benchmark for many top-level athletes. While acknowledging its significant contributions to divers sports, this overview focuses specifically on its entry into the world of padel.

Head paddle rackets stand out for their exceptional quality, with the brand's distinctive features present in every model. They offer a sober, uncluttered design, with a dominant central logo, varying only in color.

Alpha Pro series from Head: the ideal balance The Alpha Pro series from Head, acclaimed for its outstanding benefits, is one of the brand's most popular. Supported by the famous player Sanyo GutiƩrrez, who remains loyal to the Austrian brand season after season, this series embodies resistance and longevity thanks to the use of high-density polymers, minimizing the risk of breakage or scratches.

It is also distinguished by the adoption of a cutting-edge technology that combines hybrid carbon with the brand's exclusive Graphene 360+, optimizing energy transfer on impact with the ball, while ensuring greater flexibility and softness in strokes. Power Foam, a material that increases hitting power, the optimized sweet spot and an intelligent neck guarantee exceptional on-court performance for all types of players, making this racquet an ideal choice for versatile athletes.

Delta from Head: increased power and improved feel The Delta range of racquets from Head, recognizable by their diamond shape, feature Head Auxetic technology, designed to improve the feel of the game at impact. This technology ensures an even distribution of energy, improving the comfort and precision of strokes.

Featuring a large sweet spot for efficient hitting and Extreme Spin texture to increase spin on the ball, these racquets combine carbon and graphene in their structure for unprecedented power, while incorporating a soft gum core to reduce vibration and prevent elbow injury.

Most models feature the Anti Shock Skin system, a special coating to enhance durability and protect against scratches during regular use. What's more, the innovative Smart Bridge neck adapts to both offensive and defensive styles of play, completing the Head range of rackets designed to offer an unrivalled playing experience.