Shoes from running adidas

adidas is an iconic brand in men's sports footwear , especially running. Here you'll find all running adidas shoes for men.

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The best running shoes adidas for men

For decades, adidas, the German sports equipment giant, has been at the top of the list of sports shoe manufacturers worldwide. The iconic brand with the three stripes has made its mark in running shoes, making its mark in almost every sport. With adidas offering such a wide range of quality footwear, choosing the right model can be a complex task.

Running shoes adidas Adizero for men

At the heart of running adidas 's men's footwear range, the Adizero collection stands out for its popularity with runners. The Adizero Pro , Adizero Boston, and Adizero Adios models are among the most popular for running.

Running model adidas Adizero Adios Pro

running To date, theAdizero Adios Pro is the most rapide sneaker in the adidas range, incorporating cutting-edge technology. It features a carbon plate for flight with every step and a sole combining BOOST and LIGHTSTRIKE technologies, offering exceptional performance for experienced runners or those looking to excel. This isadidas 's most rapide men's cross-country shoe, designed for a propulsion and smooth transition thanks to energy uppers and a design optimized forimpulsion.

running adidas Adizero Boston shoes

TheAdizero Boston, almost as famous as its big sister, is another reference among running shoes adidas for men, now in its 11th edition. Dedicated to marathon runners, this lightweight sneaker offers excellent support and comfort thanks to its soft mesh and revised upper, without compromising on cushioning.

Shoes adidas Adizero Adios

TheAdizero Adios, a key element in the Adizero range, stands out asadidas's highest-performance road shoe, with a carbon plate and Energy Rods for optimal support and energy return, ensuring comfort over many kilometers. It is designed to offer superior ventilation and excellent support thanks to its innovative lacing system.

Model adidas Ultraboost for men

Launched in 2015, theadidas Ultraboost has quickly established itself as an iconic model, with over 20 versions in seven years, including theUltraboost 22 as its flagship model. Combining technology and style, and developed in collaboration with the American laboratory of the International Space Station, theUltraboost 22 offers some of the best comfort and energy return on the market.

adidas Solar shoes for men

Introduced in 2018, the adidas Solar shoes, available in Solar Boost, Solar Drive, and Solar Glide, have quickly made a name for themselves nom. The Solar Boost, appreciated for its comfort, combines several technologies for stability, cushioning and grip, ideal for both marathon and 10km.

Running shoes adidas FocusBreathein

The FocusBreathein, launched in 2020, focuses on the comfort and well-being of runners, offering an ideal option for those new to running.

adidas SL20 shoes

The SL20, designed for speed and comfort thanks to its light weight, is perfect for a neutral or universal stride, suitable for short runs and fast workouts, with a focus on lightness and performance.