All the necessary accessories for running at reduced prices

Find here all the running accessories you need to improve your comfort during your sessions : hats, water bottles, walking sticks, headbands, glasses, belts, laces. Equip yourself with the best brands at the best price on sportisgood : Nike, adidas, Camelbak, Swix...

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Top brand running accessories to boost your performance

While running requires the right equipment, there are also accessories that can help make your run more comfortable. Runners are constantly exposed to different elements such as the sun and the cold, and must adapt accordingly. For pleasant sessions without unpleasant surprises, it is advantageous to equip yourself with running accessories such as goggles, hats, or running belts.

Sportisgood offers you a rich selection of running accessories for men, women and children to improve your performance: water bottles, headbands, laces, running belts, neck warmers, leggings, walking sticks. Running, hiking, trail running... Whatever your favourite discipline, the accessories you need are available at the best price on our online shop. Our team has top quality running products for you at low prices, from the most famous brands such as Nike, adidas, Camelbak.

A wide range of hats to protect you from the elements while running

To run comfortably in cold weather, it is important to cover your extremities to keep your body warm. If you want to enjoy a better feeling, we advise you to choose a hat made of technical materials and adapted to running. Choose the right size to protect your forehead and ears. To avoid discomfort during your runs, choose a hat made of a light fabric with elastane for a comfortable fit and support. On sportisgood, you will find a wide range of running caps in different sizes and at low prices, designed by the sporty brand Errea.

Protective glasses for running

Along with running caps and hats, running goggles are a great way to protect yourself from the sun. This practical running accessory also offers protection against the wind during your mountain adventures and trail sessions. Mostly lightweight, running goggles are comfortable to wear due to their flexible materials. They are usually equipped with a lens that offers optimal protection against UV rays. Whether you want to buy a versatile sunglasses or invest in a pair of running goggles, you are sure to find what you are looking for at sportisgood.

A wide range of leggings for high-performance running

For some runners, leggings are a must-have accessory to reduce muscle pain, but also to avoid cramps. These running accessories facilitate blood circulation and venous return, thus reducing fatigue. The purpose of wearing leggings is to stabilise vibrations and improve the oxygenation of your muscles to improve your performance during your runs. This allows you to recover quickly after the effort. Here you will find a wide range of leggings made of sweat-proof and stretchy fabrics, available at the best price.

Reliable and high quality running belts

A running belt is a practical and useful running accessory that allows you to easily carry the things you need during your running sessions. To enjoy maximum comfort during your outings, we recommend that you choose an adjustable running belt that fits your waist. Choose models made of soft yet resistant materials such as the Compressport Race Belt, which ensure an ideal fit.

In our online shop, we also offer a wide range of heart rate belts to monitor your heart rate in real time during exercise. These running accessories have the advantage of providing more accurate data compared to bracelets or connected watches. For the more demanding, sportisgood offers Garmin cardio belts that provide 3 types of running data : number of steps taken per minute, vertical movement of the torso in centimetres, contact time with the ground.

Running products for hydration

Because it is essential to be well hydrated before, during and after a running session, sportisgood offers you various running products dedicated to hydration. Browse our selection to discover a wide range of water bottles from the leading hydration company Camelbak. Nike's models such as the SS Hypercharged water bottle have a one-handed opening system and an ergonomic handle for easy and convenient carrying.