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Cross training is a versatile and dynamic approach to physical preparation that combines a variety of activities and exercises to develop strength,endurance, flexibility and coordination. This all-round training method has become extremely popular in recent years due to its many benefits for overall fitness.

When you embark on cross-training, you enter a world where diversity is key. Weighted vests are a perfect example of accessories used to intensify workouts by adding extra weight to the body. By wearing a weighted vest during running sessions, squats or burpees, you increase resistance and simultaneously strengthen your muscles, improving your power and endurance.

Mats from yoga are also indispensable elements in cross training, providing a comfortable, non-slip surface for floor exercises, as well as essential support for stretching and yoga postures. Incorporating yoga sessions into your cross training routine allows you to work on flexibility, stability and relaxation, helping to prevent injury and promote better muscle recovery.

In addition to accessories, protectors such as knee pads, elbow pads and support belts are often used in cross training to prevent injury and support joints during high-impact or weight-lifting exercises. This equipment offers extra support and safety, enabling athletes to concentrate fully on their training without fear of injury.

Physical preparation in cross-training goes beyond equipment. It also includes strategic planning of training sessions, alternating between different types of exercise to challenge different muscle groups and avoid stagnation. Sessions can include cardio, strength and mobility exercises, as well as muscle-strengthening and coordination activities, offering a holistic approach to fitness.