Our selection of Footballer's luggages at reduced prices

Whether you're an avid footballer or a weekend warrior, you need a dedicated bag to carry your sports equipment. We offer you a wide selection of branded backpacks, bags, sports bags, bags with compartments, ball bags, shoe bags and roller bags at unbeatable prices.

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Sports bags, from luggage to fashion accessories

An essential part of any sport, in this case football, bags were created to make it easier to store and transport the equipment needed for a training session or match. Leading brands such as Nike, adidas, Kappa, Erima and Joma offer bags that are aesthetically pleasing, making them a fashion accessory in their own right and a stylish addition to an athlete's look. In addition to the capacity and quality of the materials used, sportsmen and women make design one of the primary criteria for choosing their bags.

Choice luggage from the best brands in the business

No matter how big or small you are, at sportisgood you are sure to find the ideal luggage for all your travel needs. A wide range of backpacks, panniers, sports bags, compartment bags, ball bags, shoe bags and trolleys are available to you at unbeatable prices. Apart from being inexpensive, these bags are ofvery high quality and are developed by the well-known brands Nike, adidas, Eldera, Uhlsport, Select, Macron, Puma, Jako, Errea, Erima, Joma and Kappa. We also have lifestyleitems with a sporty design by the young company Herschel. With offbeat designs or in the colours of a club such as PSG, Herschel fanny packs and backpacks are perfect for both sports and everyday use.

Nike luggages for footballers

As the number one equipment manufacturer in the world of football, Nikehas been supporting beginners, experienced and expert athletes for many years by focusing on the quality of its products.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the Nike Team collection, which includes very spacious sports bags for carrying heavy equipment. This storage capacity makes these sports bags ideal for clubs. The bags feature compartments for separate storage of wet and dry gear, shoes and other equipment. Removable and adjustable shoulder straps ensure ease of carrying and the rigid bottom ensures a secure fit and high strength. They are designed with water-repellent fabric to provide light protection against moisture. These fabrics are extremely robust, offering high abrasion resistance, maximum durability and easy maintenance. Also look out for backpacks and balloon bags from the same range with a similar design.

Adidas luggages for footballers

Offering much the same types of bags as its rival Nike, adidas produces high quality luggage, with varying capacities to suit different needs. Made from high quality materials, adidas bags have excellent wear resistance and durability. We particularly recommend the Tiro range, which includes all kinds of luggage such as roller bags, sports bags with compartments, string bags and shoe bags. With separate compartments, the sports bags and trolley bags are perfect for carrying large equipment in an orderly fashion. Their adjustable shoulder straps and wheels make them easy to carry. They are also designed with water-repellent material to prevent moisture penetration. And of course, other types of bags have a similar design.

What type of bag should I choose ?

It seems obvious that the choice of bagshould be made according to the equipment you wish to store in it. We are going to tell you briefly about the models you can find on our site and their usefulness.

  • String bags: usually made of lightweight textile, they are equipped with drawstrings, which serve as both a carrying strap and a closure. They can hold a variety of lightweight materials such as clothes, water bottles and all sorts of accessories.

  • Sports bags: with a wide range of capacities, they are designed for large equipment. They can hold clothes, shoes and other equipment. They are very useful for clubs to carry all the training tools or match outfits and are available in simple or compartmentalized models.

  • Troley bags: based on the same principle as sports bags, they are distinguished by the fact that they have small wheels to make them easier to move. They are perfect for long journeys.

  • Backpacks: with a medium capacity that can hold the basic equipment a sportsman needs, these are the ultimate sports bags. Their multiple pockets allow for a few light items to be stored.

  • Shoe bags: as the name suggests, they are dedicated to carrying shoes. They have excellent ventilation to keep the pumps cool at all times.

  • Ball bags: with various volumes depending on the model, they allow you to carry and store the essential elements of any football game: balls.

  • Pouches and shoulder bags: Smaller in size, they are intended for accessories and electronic devices.