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Find a wide range of complete goalkeeper outfits to keep your cage in confidence: jersey, shorts or trousers, and socks. Choose your goalkeeper's gear from top brands such as Uhlsport, Reusch, or Joma.

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A wide selection of complete football goalkeeper outfits

A key element in football, as in other team sports, the goalkeeper is distinguished on the pitch by his outfit. As the only player allowed to touch the ball with his hands, he always wears a different shirt from his teammates so that the referee can easily spot him.

Need a new outfit for your training sessions or competitive matches ? You've come to the right place. Sportisgood has selected just for you a wide range of complete football goalkeeper outfits for men, women and children that combine quality and comfort. The collection of goalkeeper outfits that we offer you comes from brands that are well known in the world of football such as: Joma, Errea, Reusch, Uhlsport. Make the choice of a reliable equipment proposed unbeatable price by shopping your goalkeeper outfit on our online shop.

Football goalkeeper, a special position

The position of goalkeeper requires a lot of qualities to be as efficient as possible. In addition to a good physical condition, a strong mental attitude is required to stay focused at all times.

As the last line of defence, it is important to improve your ability to protect your goal from opposing shots in order to secure this position. Do you want to excel as a goalkeeper and reach the level of the best goalkeepers like Manuel Neur, Hugo Lloris or David de Gea ? Regular training is essential to work on your reflexes, your movements, as well as your various techniques. Opt for a quality football goalkeeper's outfit to train in optimal conditions and to progress quickly. At sportisgood you will find a wide range of goalkeeper outfits designed to meet your needs for comfort and protection

What is the goalkeeper's outfit made of ?

The goalkeeper's shirt

The jersey is an essential part of the goalkeeper's outfit. While the majority of goalkeeper shirts are long-sleeved, short-sleeved models offer greater freedom of movement and are favoured by more experienced goalkeepers like Gianluigi Buffon. The best performing jerseys are designed with a breathable material that ensures efficient wicking of perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. Wear-resistant fabrics are used in their design to ensure a longer lifespan. The colours are available for all tastes so that everyone can stand out on the pitch. The goalkeeper kits offered on sportisgood come in all colours to suit your preferences: blue, green, orange, yellow...

Goalkeeper bottoms

You have two choices for your goalkeeper bottoms. Suitable for all levels and requirements of the position of goalkeeper, the trousers are the most chosen option because of their technical characteristics. They are equipped with different protections and sometimes have a padding on the hips. To train safely, we recommend that you choose long goalkeeper trousers to limit the risk of injury. Lightweight and offering a comfortable fit with an elastic waistband, the shorts are best suited for matches. Some goalkeeper shorts are also equipped with padding on the sides. Long trousers or shorts? Whatever your needs, find the model that suits you best by browsing our selection of complete goalkeeper outfits.


In addition to shirts and trousers, a complete goalkeeper outfit also includes socks. They are made of a breathable fabric to provide comfort. Generally, the socks are colour-coordinated with the rest of the outfit, as are the pairs that make up the goalkeeper kits available on sportisgood.

Find the right goalkeeper outfit in a few clicks

Goalkeepers' outfits have some special features compared to outfield players' outfits. They have several protections and padding in the sensitive areas such as the knees and hips to limit all shocks. These technical outfits are designed to protect you from the powerful shots of your opponents, but also to cushion the contact with the ground during your dives. At sportisgood you will find a whole collection of high quality goalkeeper outfits from Uhlsport, Reusch and Errea.