Bike helmet Lazer Jackal Kineticore CE-CPSC

Bike helmet Lazer Jackal Kineticore CE-CPSC
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Bike helmet Lazer Jackal Kineticore CE-CPSC
  • Lazer Jackal Kc Ce-cpsc Mountain Bike Helmet. The Jackal KinetiCore gives you the confidence to tackle technical mountain bike trails without fear, so you can push yourself harder and test your riding limits. Supreme ventilation, enhanced protection, and advanced comfort, along with mountain bike-friendly features like front vents and accessory support, make this a trail rider's dream lid.
  • Whether you're heading to your favorite bike park or shredding your local trails, you want to be sure you're safely protected.
  • With the new exclusive KinetiCore protection technology, you can tackle any trail knowing you're wearing a Virginia Tech 5-Star safety cover. The intelligent TurnSys system lets you adjust the fit of your helmet with a simple turn of a knob and operate the convenient magnetic buckle with a gloved hand.
  • When you embark on challenging climbs, your head stays cool with the Jackal KinetiCore ventilation system. Front vents increase ventilation and reduce the risk of your glasses fogging up, and goggle-friendly recesses mean you won't feel the arm pressure of your sunglasses.
  • The Jackal KinetiCore comes with an accessory mount that houses both action cameras and lights so you can capture your most challenging riding moments.


  • By channeling air into the helmet above your eyebrows, your head will stay cool while the vents reduce the risk of your glasses fogging up.
  • No more fumbling with your helmet buckle when wearing gloves - The magnetic buckle on Lazer can be quickly undone with one hand while wearing gloves.
  • The visor is easy to move up and down while riding for better visibility and to make room for your glasses.
  • Ventilation channels keep you cool and comfortable and reduce the risk of overheating.
  • Helmet-shaped recesses eliminate pressure at the back of the head...

Additional Information

Brand Lazer
Manufacturer SKU BLC2227890270
Color matte turquoise
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Assortment Jackal