Padel racket Bag Varlion Summ Pro [Size 54 L]

Padel racket Bag Varlion Summ Pro [Size 54 L]
The Varlion Summ Pro padel racket bag, designed by the renowned Varlion brand, has ample storage capacity for 4 rackets and accessories.

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Padel racket Bag Varlion Summ Pro

This is the largest paletero in the entire collection. It has the capacity to store up to 4 paddle-tennis rackets and a 54-liter load volume. It's made of hard-wearing nylon, padded and lined on the inside at the bottom, sides and top.

It has a large pocket where you can store your clothes, towel, ball box, accessories and anything else you need.

It also includes two side pockets for carrying up to 4 paddle-tennis rackets (2 rackets in each). One of these pockets features thermal protection to ensure that the paddle-tennis rackets you keep inside are fully protected from exposure to high temperatures.

The new Summum Pro 2023 paddle-tennis racket bag also incorporates 2 small pockets on the sides for storing personal items such as a wallet, cell phone, glasses, keys and so on. And you can't miss the special compartment for your shoes. This pocket features holes designed to allow air to circulate inside, so that your shoes can breathe and don't accumulate unpleasant odors caused by perspiration. These holes also allow gravel and dirt to fall from the sole.

Because this is a large padel bag and designed to be filled with a lot of weight, we've incorporated padded protectors in the rear area for your convenience and comfort. You can also carry it as if it were a backpack, thanks to the new ergonomic handles, which hug the shoulders and shape of the body with highly protective padding.

These paleteros will be the ones our players at Pro Team and Junior Team will be using durant in the 2023 season to attend their tournaments and championships, in response to the maximum demand they will place on them.

Additional Information

Brand Varlion
Manufacturer SKU BAGS232301021
Color red
Color Red
Size 54 L - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult