Aluminium water bike Waterflex WR5 Air [Size 122x55x153 cm]

Aluminium water bike Waterflex WR5 Air [Size 122x55x153 cm]
An intense workout from spinning thanks to the adjustable mechanical resistance of the Aquabike alu WR5 Air from Waterflex. Lightweight and strong!
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Aluminium water bike Waterflex WR5 Air

Variable mechanical strength for intense exercise spinning

The structure all-aluminium WR5 Air combines lightness and robustness for even more intense workouts. spinning.

Modulate your workout with the central knob that activates the mechanical resistance system located at the bottom bracket. As with a classic bike, you can simulate hills and create toning muscle-strengthening sessions. The WR5 Air is reserved for coach-led activities at Spinning. The results on your figure are immediate.

Add to this the resistance of the Aqua Double Speed pedals and double the strength of the movement in a single movement. A workout on the WR5 Air aquabike is complete with mechanical and hydraulic resistance.

The unparalleled lightness of the structure anodized aluminum frame makes this aquabike easy to handle. Two silicone wheels on the front feet make getting in and out of the pool even easier. Four suction cups, also in silicone, at the base of the bike secure it to the bottom of the pool to prevent it from tipping over during exercise.

For such invigorating workouts, the aquabike must offer complete ergonomics. And Waterflex responds to this need with height and width adjustments for the feet, saddle and handlebars. WR5 Air can be adapted to suit all body sizes and all pools.

This aquabike is particularly popular with coaches, as it met can be set up quickly, its mechanical resistance gives immediate results, and the intensity and ergonomic settings make it fully customizable.

Additional Information

Brand Waterflex
Manufacturer SKU WX-WR5A
Color silver/blue
Color Silver
Size 122x55x153 cm - French sizes by default
Quantity per product 1