Sunglasses Kilpi Zindy

Sunglasses Kilpi Zindy



Discover our Kilpi Zindy sunglasses: robust, elegant, ultra-lightweight and perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports. Available in many colors!
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Sunglasses Kilpi Zindy

The Kilpi ZINDY -U unisex sunglasses feature a rugged full frame construction and stylish polycarbonate lenses. The shape of the glasses is compatible with most bike helmet shapes. They are also suitable as eye and face protection for winter and water sports. Lens category 3 is suitable for sunny and very sunny days. The transmittance of the lenses is 8-18%, UV 400. The glasses are not suitable for wearing at dusk or in low visibility. Silicone sidewalls and flexible silicone nose saddle fit easily and will not slip off the head. Micro-venting holes improve ventilation and prevent fogging of the glasses. Includes a padded hard case and a soft bag for cleaning the glasses. Weight of the glasses is 45g. The Kilpi ZINDY -U offers a rainbow choice of two frame colors and three lens types.

Additional Information

Brand Kilpi
Manufacturer SKU TU0814KIDBL
Color dark blue
Color Blue
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Men
Age group Adult