All our US sports items at reduced prices: shoes, clothes, balls and other accessories

American at heart, looking for authentic products ? You've come to the right place. At sportisgood we have compiled a wide selection of products with the logos of the best US football and baseball teams. Balls, clothing including jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories such as hats and caps from Mitchell & Ness, New Era and Wilson at low prices.

US sports, more than just sports

Many French people are passionate about American sports, especially US football and baseball. Some of them even make a religion out of it. To please them, we have decided to dedicate this page to textile products, balls and some accessories of the greatest teams playing in these two disciplines.

American footballs

Mini footballs for American footballs

To teach your child the basics of American football, there is nothing better than a mini ball, decorated with the logo of his favourite team. The soft, textured surface with a lace ensures an easy grip and maximum safety on impact. Balls in the colours of the Patriots, Redskins, Vikings, Bengals, Colts, Cowboys and other franchises of your choice at a low price.

Size 9 balls

For practice or play, choose one of these Wilson size 9 footballs. Featuring the emblems of your favourite NFL franchises, they are made from soft, grippy synthetic materials combined with a double lace for a great grip.

Collectible ball

Produced by the official supplier of the NFL, this collector's edition ball features a vintage design, harkening back to the days of leather helmets, and is sure to appeal to avid American football fans. Embellished with the logos of the league's 32 franchises, this retro ball is a true collector's item that will elegantly adorn a shelf to add some pizzazz to your home decor. The quality materials make this a great ball for your leisure activities with friends and family.

US Football Textiles

Put on our top-of-the-line jerseys and get in the shoes of your NFL idols. Authentic jerseys from the greatest American football franchises are available at unbeatable prices. Vintage game suits, flocked with the numbers and names of legendary players such as Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, Deion Sanders of the Atlanta Falcons, Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys and many others. On the street or on the field, they will give you a stylish sportswear and streetwear look.

You can also treat yourself to one of our casual T-shirts for summer outings and sweatshirts for cool weather activities. All of these garments proudly display the colours and logos of top NFL franchises.

US Football Accessories

For the convenience of fans and players alike, New Era offers accessories for all seasons. Caps and visors in a choice of 9forty, 39 fifty or 59 fifty, for adults or children, with the logos of the best NFL franchises. Comfortable and stylish, they protect against UV rays and heat during the summer.

In winter, opt for hats and gloves with excellent thermal insulation. With a soft interior and high breathability, they guarantee maximum protection against the cold all day long.

You can also buy accessories, suitable for all seasons of the year, such as neck warmers. Made from high quality, highly functional fabrics, they keep you safe from the cold and the sun.

Baseball products at discounted prices

We also have a wide selection of products dedicated to another iconic sport in Uncle Sam's country : baseball.

Outfits and clothing for all seasons

Made from flexible, silky, highly functional fabric, our jerseys, T-shirts and tank tops are suitable for all kinds of activities, whether sports or leisure. With an oversized or classic cut, they offer great freedom of movement. Comfortable and cool.

For the colder seasons or early morning outings, opt for one of our sweatshirts with a sporty and streetwear look. Their neat design complements your everyday look. They look great with jogging trousers, jeans or cargo trousers, depending on your taste and needs.

Comfortable and protective caps

Made popular by the sport, the cap has become a fashion accessory in its own right among the general public. Offering both protection from harmful rays and improved visibility, they add a streetwear touch to your look. With a flat or curved peak, contemporary or vintage design, you can choose between New Era models with the logos of the New York Yankee, the Boston Red Sox or the Los Angeles Dodgers.