All our track and field items : shoes and spikes, clothing and equipment

Sportifrance, adidas, Tremblay... Find the giants in the field of athletic equipment on our online shop. Benefit from a wide range of items : spikes, starting blocks, hurdles, throws, relay batons and measuring instruments at promotional prices.

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You are responsible for a children's athletics club or a physical education teacher, and you are looking for the right materials to strengthen your teaching tools. The timing is right. At sportisgood, we offer you an armada of equipment for learning your future champions. Starting blocks, relay lights, shoes, hurdles, blocks, javelins, weights and top quality discs from adidas, Sportifrance and Tremblay.

Comfortable, high-performance spikes

In order to guarantee great explosiveness and exceptional grip, the practice of all kinds of athletic disciplines requires the wearing of specific shoes. Equipped with screwed or moulded spikes, these pairs dedicated to athletes provide you with an unparalleled anchorage in the ground so as to offer an explosive start and excellent energy transfer on 100, 200; 400, 800 and 1500 metre tracks. Made from choice materials, ensuring perfect ventilation and support, these spikes keep your feet cool and dry during all your efforts for maximum comfort. Soft and flexible, they allow natural movement for flawless mobility. They also have reinforcements in sensitive areas to prevent all kinds of muscle injuries.

Aluminium relay batons

For relay races, you have at your disposal a number of relay batons made of aluminium. Easy to handle, these light poles benefit from a quality aluminium design, guaranteeing excellent resistance to abrasion and an optimal lifespan. Available in several different colours, they make it easy to tell the difference between each team.

Reversible hurdles for different types of exercises

Ideal for the school environment, these reversible hedges come in two sizes: 76 cm - 84 cm to vary the exercises and adapt to all ages. Very easy to install, these devices not only introduce the youngest children to hedge running, but also help them to work on reflexes and explosiveness.

Made from top-quality materials, they are resistant to all kinds of wear and tear and have maximum durability.

Projectiles for throwing disciplines

In the field of athletics, several kinds of throwing can be distinguished. On our shop you can find the most important of them.

Discs: dedicated to initiation, they are made of very soft rubber foam, offering a very soft touch and maximum safety in case of a possible impact. Models with arrows indicating the direction are also available to make it easier for the little ones to get to grips with them. They feature notches on the sides and an ergonomic hole in the body to ensure a good grip.

  • Javelins: Made of lightweight aluminium alloy, these javelins with pointed heads are designed to introduce juniors to this discipline. Their sizes are perfectly suited to a child's anatomy. Equipped with rope handles, they provide a better grip for quick and efficient learning. Dedicated bags are at your disposal so that you can carry several of them very easily. You can also opt for the soft foam models for added safety.
  • Weights: available in different colours according to age, these cast iron balls offer different weights to initiate several categories of children and vary the exercises. Extremely solid and resistant, they have an optimal lifespan.
  • Hammers: made of rubber, they have an ergonomic handle with a strong grip that guarantees high-performance exercises.
  • Mini vortexes: flexible and very soft, they are designed to work the throw from several angles. This great flexibility allows them to offer maximum safety to children in the face of all kinds of impact injuries. They can be used as purely playful accessories and emit a whistle in flight to delight the little ones.

High-quality measuring instruments

Easy to use, these decameters from Tremblay and Sportifrance have a fibreglass ribbon with a centimetre and inch scale. Their housings are made from high quality plastic, ensuring excellent wear resistance for maximum life.

Solid starting blocks for high performance starts

Fixed to the floor with a spike, they are ideal for both right- and left-handed people. The blocks have a coating of non-slip material to guarantee excellent support. They are equipped with 14 or 24 graduations with an interval of 3 and 2 cm depending on the model.