All our tennis equipments at the best prices : rackets, shoes, clothing and other accessories

Beginner or advanced, find the tennis equipment that suits you on sportisgood! Men, women or children, the great references in the field such as Asics, Nike, adidas, Yonex, Babolat, Wilson and Dunlop put their knowledge at your service for rackets, shoes, balls, referee chairs, baskets and ball collectors, posts, nets and finally top quality speed radars at competitive prices.

Whether you want to improve yourself or initiate your children to tennis, a certain quality of equipment is recommended. At sportisgood, you can find all kinds of tools from balls, rackets and shoes to court equipment at unbeatable prices. We have sourced from the best brands in this discipline to offer you the best.

Solid and high-performance tennis rackets

For the youngest as well as the experienced player, it is essential to get lighter rackets for better maneuverability. Their wingspan should not extend above the ground when placed in an upright position to avoid any risk of injury. Designed by the experts at Dunlop and Yonex, they are available for all levels and all ages. With an ergonomic handle that provides exceptional grip, they guarantee an excellent grip for optimal playing comfort, perfect control and unrivalled power. They incorporate technologies such as Dunlop's Synchro Charge System, Heat Convert and Straight String System into the headsize to ensure tremendous stability, energy transfer and a wider sweetspot. Made from select materials, they are highly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear and have a maximum service life. With these rackets in hand, no failure is possible.

Comfortable and durable tennis shoes

In a discipline where the feet are very much in demand, such as tennis, the choice of shoes is an essential step. Indeed, you need pairs that can provide you with great stability on the ground and enormous explosiveness as you have to start and stop frequently throughout a match. We have selected high quality shoes from the best designers, adapted to all your practices on indoor and outdoor surfaces. These shoes, from Asics, adidas, Joma and Reebok, are lightweight, flexible and supportive for precise and efficient movement. Their non-marking rubber soles offer excellent rotation and increased explosiveness for top-level indoor and outdoor performance. Designed with soft, well-ventilated material, they keep feet cool and dry during exertion for maximum comfort and concentration. Strong, resistant and durable, they have reinforcements in the shock zones, making it possible to foresee all kinds of muscular injuries and other types of injuries due to impacts and false movements.

Our selection of tennis balls

No matter what your level is, at sportisgood you are sure to find the ball that suits you.

  • Competition balls: Offering dynamic bounce and unparalleled accuracy, these replicas of the official balls of the ATP World Tour, Australian Open and other premium tournaments are delivered in a 4-piece tube. They provide you with enormous playing comfort and better performance.
  • Training balls: For your training exercises you can choose between different models in 3 and 4-piece tubes. Solid, resistant and durable, they are ideal for all types of flooring.
  • Foam balls: ideal for junior training, they have a soft surface, guaranteeing slower bounce and high safety in case of impact. They are available in yellow and red.

A whole range of tennis court equipment for the practice of tennis

Strong, resistant and durable nets and net accessories

Made with solid mesh, these Tremblay nets are equipped with steel cable guaranteeing perfect tension for a great playing comfort. Different models are available for all kinds of use: training, competitions or leisure activities. As nothing breaks at the right time, we advise you to get one of our regulators and cables.

Baskets and ball collectors

To collect your lost balls, you can choose between Yonex barrels or Carrington tubes and baskets. Each offers large storage spaces, allowing you to store several bales at a time. Their handles and straps guarantee easy transport.

Extremely sturdy posts

Transportable, equipped with multidirectional or inked wheels, Carrington offers different models for leisure activities, training and high competitions. We also have a central post to stabilise the net. Manufactured with high quality materials, they are perfectly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear and have a maximum lifespan.