All our swimming items at unbeatable prices : swimsuits, glasses and other equipments

Whether swimming is a hobby or a livelihood, on sportisgood you can find the perfect swimsuit, glasses, swimming cap, towel, combinations and other accessories for all your practices. We have selected the best products from Joma, adidas, Columbia and Urban classic to meet the requirements of all swimmers: men, women and children, at bargain prices.

Original swimming equipment at reasonable prices

Beginner, amateur or professional swimming ? Find inexpensive quality equipment for all tastes and all uses, for you and your whole family on sportisgood.

Which men's swimsuit to take ?

The choice of a swimsuit is generally made according to the level and frequency of activities. We offer you different concepts depending on these parameters.
If you practice less once a week, in a swimming pool or at the beach, you should favor models that can provide you with maximum comfort above all. Take, for example, Columbia's Roatan Drifter Water range, made with flexible, lightweight and breathable fabric that dries quickly. Equipped with an elastic waistband with drawstring, they benefit from a perfect fit for absolute concentration. They incorporate technologies like the Omni-Shield ™ for advanced repellency and the Omni-Shade ™ UPF 50 for protection from the sun's rays. Their integrated mesh panty offers excellent ventilation and ensures increased comfort. You are spoiled for choice between understated designs by Joma or those with a summery motif from adidas and Errea.

For regular swimmers, it is important to bet on resistance to chlorine without losing comfort. Opt for briefs or boxers in recycled polyester.

And finally if you are used to high competitions, you need more technical swimsuits: boxers or briefs resistant to products present in water, highly functional and compressive. Equipped with elasticated waistband with drawstring, they guarantee both ease and mobility for maximum performance.

How to choose a woman's swimsuit?

By the sea or by the pool, highlight your figure by endorsing the adidas festivibes range. Available in one or two pieces and combinations, they are made with flexible, breathable and very soft material to provide a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin. You can also give yourself the bikinis with summer-style patterns for a relaxed look and 100% in the holiday theme from Urban Classic and Hummel.

If you practice regularly or intensively, opt for more technical outfits, which can provide performance in addition to comfort. Compression fabric swimsuits would be perfect. Guaranteeing good muscle contraction, excellent support and complete freedom of movement, they allow you to glide like a fish in water. We offer you the Athly V3-Stripes, Colorblock Fitness, Sports Performance Logo, essence core 3tripeswim, adidas adizero XX and Joma lake III ranges.

Intended to be worn for long periods in a swimming pool, they benefit from a design in textile of choice, ensuring a strong resistance to chlorine for an optimal durability.

A wide choice of swimming caps

Mandatory in most brands, hats are recommended for hygiene reasons. Apart from the fact that they ensure the cleanliness of the pool, they also prevent any discomfort caused by the hair. They are therefore necessary to prevent all kinds of inconvenience both for swimmers and for the pool maintenance service.
To fully perform this task, it must be made of flexible and highly resistant material. This great flexibility offers both support and comfort. In silicone, latex or polyester, there is something for all tastes and all practices (leisure, training and competitions).

Comfortable and stable flip-flops for swimming

Several styles of bath slippers manufactured by adidas and Reebok, intended for men, women and children are available to you at bargain prices.
These adidas and Reebok slides, closed-toe sandals and flip flops with flexible, breathable and soft-to-the-touch straps feature a soft footbed for maximum comfort. Foam soles provide excellent cushioning and good energy transfer. They offer a strong adhesion to smooth surfaces to ensure high stability and prevent drops in contact with moisture.

Towels and bathrobes after swimming

To sponge your body after each swim, you have the choice between a towel and a bathrobe. While they are different in shape, their sole purpose is to drain the water remaining on the skin when leaving the shower or basin. Made with terry cloth, they effectively absorb all traces of moisture and dry almost immediately. Soft and very silky, they provide a very pleasant feeling for optimal comfort of use.