Sleeping Bag Millet Baikal 750 Reg

Sleeping Bag Millet Baikal 750 Reg
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Starting at: $123.66
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Sleeping Bag Millet Baikal 750 Reg

This is the bag you need for extra sleeping.
At MILLET, we know how to make expedition bags, and all our mountain expertise is applied to the whole range.
This 2-season synthetic model, for example, handles wet conditions very well. "In tents, we often have to deal with condensation," explains Product Manager Antoine. "Moisture can come from the body, as well as from outside, in rainy weather or by the ocean, for example.
Finally, the floor gives off moisture.
Synthetic ensures a good reaction to all these forms of humidity." Autres advantages of synthetic, its accessibility and ease of maintenance: "You can machine wash a synthetic bag and store it compressed." A must-have for everyday life, with all the technical features MILLET.

Additional Information

Brand Millet
Manufacturer SKU MIC1133-4333
Color sky diver/blue
Color Blue
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult