Brake cable Jagwire-1.5X2000mm-Campagnolo

Brake cable Jagwire-1.5X2000mm-Campagnolo
Discover the Jagwire -1.5X2000mm-Campagnolo brake cable, the perfect option for cyclists looking for performance, durability and quality.
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Brake cable Jagwire-1.5X2000mm-Campagnolo

After being pre-stretched, the stainless steel strands are extruded through a die that eliminates rough edges, resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for cyclists looking for a balance of performance, durability and cost. Campagnolo compatible

Additional Information

Brand Jagwire
Manufacturer SKU JA8080
Color black / yellow
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult