Spare hub kit (screws/washers/freewheel clip included) Shimano nexus sm-3c41 3v

Spare hub kit (screws/washers/freewheel clip included) Shimano nexus sm-3c41 3v
Hub replacement kit Shimano Nexus SM-3c41 3V: optimize your bike's performance with our complete maintenance kit.
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Spare hub kit (screws/washers/freewheel clip included) Shimano nexus sm-3c41 3v

The Hub Spare Kit Shimano Nexus SM-3c41 3V is the perfect choice for all cyclists looking for a practical solution for the maintenance of their Nexus hub. This kit includes the screws, washers and clips needed to restore your freewheel and ensure optimum performance. Manufactured by Shimano, a brand renowned for its quality and reliability, this replacement kit is compatible with the Nexus SM-3c41 3V hub. It is specially designed to offer a precise and secure fit, allowing you to enjoy a smooth-running bike. Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of your hub and maintain optimum performance. With this replacement kit, you can quickly replace worn or damaged parts without having to search for each component individually. This saves you time and money, while ensuring that your hub is working properly. Whether you're an amateur or a professional cyclist, it's important to have the right tools and spare parts to ensure an enjoyable cycling experience. Add the Shimano Nexus SM-3c41 3V Hub Spare Kit to your arsenal range of bicycle accessories and be prepared for any eventuality. Don't forget that regular maintenance of your bike is essential to ensure optimum performance and safety on the road. So make sure you always have the necessary spare parts to hand and ready to use. Order the Shimano Nexus SM-3c41 3V replacement kit now and make sure you have everything you need to keep your hub in perfect working order.

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Brand Shimano
Manufacturer SKU ESM3C41NCS020E
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult