Motorcycle backrest attachment Shad sh48 titanium + capot carbon + dosseret

Motorcycle backrest attachment Shad sh48 titanium + capot carbon + dosseret

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Motorcycle backrest attachment Shad sh48 titanium + capot carbon + dosseret

The SH48 New Titanium top case with carbon lid and double backrest, included in the package price, is an exclusive limited time offer.The SH48 top case is a top of the range product, with all the market requirements and maximum performance. With a capacity of two modular helmets and a weight of 3.7 kg, it is the lightest case on the market in terms of large capacity top cases. Thanks to this, we reduce vibrations and impacts on the motorcycle's supports and chassis. Its structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with minimum weight. This same offer includes a double backrest, providing greater comfort to the passenger and offering a totally unique design to the whole. It is the only top case with these features on the market and offers maximum security thanks to its innovative "Smart Lock System", a system with an automatic retractable handle and a 3-position hermetic lock. This system allows you to keep the top case open without having to remove it, as well as being able to open and close it without needing the key, so you only need the key to lock it. The SH48 allows several customization configurations, combining the colors of the side strips with the upper covers. As an option, we would have the new carbon look option, which combines with all motorcycle colors. We also have the covers in white and black metal as well as the option of the cover in the same color as the side strip of the top case that is in New Titanium or Dark Grey. There is also the blank option that you can customize as you wish. In accessories, we have the internal bag, the upper metal package holder and the stop light. The internal bag (X0IB00), with a top opening and an external pocket for direct access, is reinforced with internal foam to protect the contents from any blow, as well as a strap and a handle to facilitate its transport. In this way, the internal bag facilitates the transport of objects without having to remove the case. The upper metal package holder (D0PS00) increases the capacity of the case maintaining the same maximum load, and has specific tabs for the octopus and the bags to secure and fix the load. Finally, the brake light (D0B29KL) is LED, of low consumption and very easy to install because it is fixed to the bottom of the top case base. This increases the safety making the bike more visible from the rear. Like the rest of the cases SHAD (except TR48/TR37), the plate and the screw kit are integrated.

Motorcycle backrest attachment Shad sh48 titanium + capot carbon + dosseret
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Additional Information

  • Brand : Shad
  • Manufacturer SKU : D0B48406R
  • Size : One size
  • Color : black
  • Color : Black
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Age group : Adult
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