Bike helmet Lazer Armor 2.0 MIPS CE-CPSC

Bike helmet Lazer Armor 2.0 MIPS CE-CPSC
Starting at: $116.15
The Lazer Armor 2.0 MIPS bike helmet protects your head while combining style, lightness and comfort with the Ts+ Fit system and optional LED.
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Starting at: $116.15
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Bike helmet Lazer Armor 2.0 MIPS CE-CPSC
  • Lazer Armor 2.0 Mips Helmet.
  • The Lazer Armor brings skateboarding style to urban cycling! Soft, safe and super comfortable.
  • The Lazer Armor helmet offers protection at a weight you didn't even think possible.
  • Due to the molded construction, this helmet will pass all impact tests while weighing only 275 grams. Inside, it has channel ventilation and top exhaust vents to chase away hot air and keep cool air circulating.
  • The Ts + Fit system will create a tight but comfortable fit so you can ride safely around town.
  • An optional LED light can be mounted on the back of the helmet for visibility and safety.
  • Ts + prevents hot spots or pressure points by adjusting around the entire circumference of the head.
  • The Ts + is used on road, mountain bike, recreational, and mid-level children's helmet models.
  • The adjustable head basket allows the rear section of the retention system to be adjusted up or down, altering the vertical size of the helmet to suit the rider's comfort preferences.
  • The Armor 2.0 molded construction makes it one of the lightest urban helmets while maintaining a very high level of protection.
  • Mounting an LED tail light at the highest point of a rider's profile greatly improves rear visibility in low light conditions.
  • This helmet model is compatible with an LED rear light accessory.
  • Mips is a brain protection system designed to add protection to helmets. For certain impacts, Mips Bps can reduce the harmful forces transmitted to the brain.
  • Mips stands for multi-directional impact protection system.
  • Adjustment system: Turnfit system
  • Vents: 16 vents
  • Led: Ts + Led compatible

Additional Information

Brand Lazer
Manufacturer SKU BLC221788950
Color matte camo
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Assortment Armor