Bath socks Huub

Bath socks Huub
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Bath socks Huub

HUUB neoprene swim socks, or booties as some like to call them, feature a reinforced protective sole that offers anti-slip protection and abrasion resistance, as well as a two-piece design to prevent rolling off the foot. Neoprene socks also feature adjustable Velcro fastenings, so they can be worn over or under wetsuits.

HUUB Neoprene swim socks are worn to protect feet from hard ground, stones and sharp objects. 3 mm neoprene also keeps feet warmer for training and racing (in very cold conditions and if authorized by the race organizer).

Don't forget that neoprene is stretchable!

Additional Information

Brand Huub
Manufacturer SKU A2-SS-
Color black/grey
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult