Soccer goal Hudora Pro Tect 240

Soccer goal Hudora Pro Tect 240
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Soccer goal Hudora Pro Tect 240

Easy to assemble, solidly constructed and features padded impact protection. The Hudora Pro Tect 240 soccer goal is all about protection, which is why the crossbar and posts are made of powder coated steel with EPE foam padding. This combination creates a soccer goal with a large post and slat diameter. This ensures that the goalkeeper and outfield players are well protected in the event of an impact. Those who play soccer in their spare time but do not have access to a club field will appreciate a real goal with a goal net. The tightly tensioned, close-mesh net with 45mm knot spacing is fun - there's nothing like the feeling of watching the soccer ball squirm through the goal net! The Pro Tect 240 soccer goal fromHudora is built in a sturdy 240 x 160 x 85 cm box. Labeled posts and simple click-together assembly make installing the soccer goal a breeze. Five U-shaped dowels ensure that the stand is securely fastened. Thanks to the complete cover made of robust tarpaulin material, this soccer goal is also absolutely weatherproof.

Additional Information

Brand Hudora
Manufacturer SKU 76914
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Assortment Pro