Massage roller Trigger Point Grid Travel

Massage roller Trigger Point Grid Travel
Optimize your mobility and recovery on the move with the Trigger Point Grid Travel massage roller. Discover it here!
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Massage roller Trigger Point Grid Travel

Optimize mobility and improve recovery on the go with this travel-sized hollow foam roller designed with the patented GRID pattern.

The patented GRID pattern simulates the hands of a massage therapist, replicating the pressure points of the fingertips, fingers and palm of the hand.

Durable foam surface applies firm compression to tight muscles, knots and kinks for a full body massage.

Includes access to a free online video library of foam roller training from the experts at TriggerPoint.

Level 2 foam roller, made of 34% ethylene vinyl acetate and 66% acronytrile butadiene styrene; 10" long and 4.4" in diameter; maximum weight of 440 lbs.

Additional Information

Brand Trigger Point
Manufacturer SKU 22124
Color black/lime
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult