Lubricant Monkey's Sauce 150ml

Lubricant Monkey's Sauce 150ml
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Lubricant Monkey's Sauce 150ml

Ultimate Ceramic: (WET) 150 ml
High quality lubricant, ultra durable for long distances, penetrating deep quickly. Specially developed for use in wet and muddy conditions. It does not produce large traces of dirt if the right amount of lubricant is applied. It contains ceramic nanoparticles to help with durability and proper lubrication.
It was created to keep your transmission smooth, clean, quiet and rust-free even on your muddiest rides. It repels water to protect the chain and components.
Ceramic is the main component of our Ultimate Ceramic Lube, which is the best performing lubrication solution in wet conditions, prevents dirt build-up on the chain and is completely water resistant. It also provides long-lasting, above-average lubrication with perfect fluidity and significantly reduces operating noise.

Additional Information

Brand Monkey's Sauce
Color yellow
Color Yellow
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult