Spray dégraissant mousse Peaty's [Size 1 L]

Spray dégraissant mousse Peaty's [Size 1 L]
Try Peaty's foam degreaser, a powerful, biodegradable product that effectively removes stubborn dirt from your transmission. Volume: 1 liter.
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Spray dégraissant mousse Peaty's
<p>The all new degreaser on-powerful and 100% biodegradable of the range Peaty's: Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser.</p> <p>Its formula with foam active dislodges very quickly the grease and dirt the most tenacious .</p> <p>Simply apply on your cassette by turning your transmission and by changing speeds.</p> <p>The foam active will then clean your transmission complete with chain / chainring / derailleur + rollers / K7. Let act 2 minutes and rinse to l'clear water ... C'is clean!!</p> <p>Volume: 1 liter </p>

Additional Information

Brand Peaty's
Manufacturer SKU PFDD1000
Color black
Color Black
Size 1 L
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult