Undergloves Sixs GLX Merinos

Undergloves Sixs GLX Merinos
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Undergloves Sixs GLX Merinos

The Sixs gloves' carbon merino wool lining provides exceptional thermal protection and protects the athlete's hands from uncomfortable temperature changes. The polypropylene layer in contact with the skin prevents the accumulation of perspiration and offers unparalleled comfort. Merino wool (one of the most thermoregulatory natural fibres) is properly placed in the outer layer to act as a barrier. Wear under gloves with protectors, or can be used as running gloves.


  • Winter specific line in merino wool
  • Excellent barrier against the cold


  • External temperature: Cold -20 ° / + 5 °
  • Fabric: The secret formula: After the huge success of the two sock models (Luxury Merinos and Arrow Merinos) whose composition included merino wool, we decided to expand the product range by creating a special line: Merinos Wool. A specific line for winter with the thermal regulation properties of wool, which are superior to any other natural fibre and therefore act as an excellent barrier against the cold!
  • Material position: We wanted the comfort of the product to be the same as the other products in the catalogue Sixs. This is why we decided to place the polypropylene on the inside, in direct contact with the skin, and to keep the merino wool (known to be a bit rougher and more bristly than other yarns) on the outside. Wool has better heat regulating properties than any other natural fibre and acts as a barrier against the cold. Polypropylene is a hydrophobic yarn, which means that it does not absorb liquids and manages perspiration in an optimal way. Finally, carbon helps regulate heat, improves the body's microcirculation, and is bactericidal (fights bad odours) and antistatic.


  • Antistatic system: Carbon yarn insulates from static electricity caused by fabric friction
  • Antibacterial fibre: Polypropylene fibre prevents bad odours and annoying irritations due to the accumulation of perspiration and the rubbing that occurs
  • Merino wool: Product containing merino wool


  • Hand wash or machine wash with delicate programs at a maximum temperature of 40 °C.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron, avoid tearing or forcing the fabric, especially when the product is wet.

Additional Information

Brand Sixs
Manufacturer SKU GLXMER-BK
Color black
Color Black
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Characteristic Long
Assortment GLX Merinos
Shipped in 24h Yes

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