Can Elite Fly 950 ml [Size 950 ml]

Can Elite Fly 950 ml [Size 950 ml]
Elite Fly 950 ml water bottle: the world's lightest water bottle for easy hydration on your bike rides.
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Can Elite Fly 950 ml

Its record weight (at only 54g for the 950 ml version) allows us to use less plastic in its manufacture, and to guarantee the classic ergonomic structure of Elite which allows for easy squeezing for abundant liquid flow with the lightest pressure. Fly Elite is available in many different color options to perfectly match your bike and bottle cage. The ergonomic cap, with a wider push-pull flat tip and wider neck, ensures a high flow of liquid, which is also guaranteed by the soft body of the bottle: just gently squeeze your Fly Elite to get a vigorous flow of liquid. Featuring a new racing design, Elite Fly bottles work extraordinarily well and stably in all cages, so that inserting and extracting the bottle is smooth and easy every time you ride. Thanks to its compact design, Fly is perfect for road bikes, as well as gravel and mountain bikes that have smaller frames. Elite strongly believes that every athlete is responsible for taking care of the world and the environment in which they ride. When developing our products and implementing new sustainable manufacturing processes, we consider both materials and technologies. That's why we're proud to use more than 30 percent less plastic than average to create a single bottle in our Fly line. This bottle is made with innovative, odorless, flexible and durable plastic materials, which are the result of a three-year study with several university research centers. The Fly Elite is also hygienic and easy to wash. It has a neck that is 20% wider than standard bottles to help our customers hydrate better and hygienize their bottles properly. The Fly bottles are also dishwasher safe at 40°C and can be easily dismantled. This allows you to dry both the body of the bottle and the stopper with mouthpiece and avoid any mold growth inside or the bad smell that follows.

  • The Elite Fly is the most used water bottle by WorldTour because it is incredibly light.

  • It is the lightest water bottle in the world.

  • Easy to open and close with the mouth, the valve of the Fly is ideal when you use this bottle during your bike trips.

  • The larger opening makes it easy to fill the bottle and wash it properly.

  • The practical and durable structure of the bottle is designed to eliminate excess material during production and, in doing so, achieve the lightest product on the market with no waste.

  • By making our Fly bottles so lightweight by design, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and help relieve pressure on the environment by ensuring the lowest CO2 emissions from our water bottle production.

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Additional Information

Brand Elite
Manufacturer SKU EL0160920
Color clear grey logo
Color Grey
Size 950 ml - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult