Compression sleeve Air Relax

Compression sleeve Air Relax
Starting at: $341.05
Dynamic compression for enhanced recovery rapide and improved performance. Superior strength and quality, comfort and convenience.
Starting at: $341.05
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Compression sleeve Air Relax

The Dynamic Compression Boot System has multiple chambers that inflate and deflate with air pumped through the compressor, so that the garment chamber applies direct pressure to the muscle area shown in the diagrams below. The compression temporarily restricts blood flow to the area, and when it is released, nutrient-rich blood rushes to the muscle tissue. The compression technique improves blood flow, promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid, helps eliminate lactic acid, reduces inflammation, pain, stiffness and improves flexibility, thus stimulating recovery and improving performance. The system has been designed with the athlete's performance and recovery in mind, based on scientific studies.

  • Dynamic compression system for better recovery rapide and performance

  • Individual compression cuff for the legs (without compression system). Well constructed and durable 4-chamber compression boot

  • Withstands twice the pressure of autres brands (up to 230 mmHg)

  • High quality, durable, portable, easy to use for daily recovery.

  • Must be used with a recovery system Air Relax (pump)

  • More pneumatic compression than autres brands

    Competitive price compared to the market

    More recovery rapide and faster warm-up

    User-friendly, convenient and comfortable

    Increases flexibility and range of motion

Compression sleeve Air Relax
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