Flexible multifunctional lubricant WD40 [Size 600 ml]

Flexible multifunctional lubricant WD40 [Size 600 ml]
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Flexible multifunctional lubricant WD40

WD-40 Spray Lubricant is a must have in the shop.
Drives out moisture to prevent corrosion.
Lubricates actively and permanently, and will work great on small mechanisms.
The absence of silicone helps prevent dust and dirt build up.
Can help clean grease, tar and adhesive stains.
Ideal for freeing up rusted or stuck parts.


Product Use: All

Type : Spray

Product Model: Multifunction

Version : Flexible

Capacity : 600 ml

Product subfamily: Lubricants

Product family : Workshop (motorized)

Packaging : (sold atunite)

Additional Information

Brand WD-40
Manufacturer SKU 168931
Color purple / red
Color Purple
Size 600 ml - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult