Spray paint Motip Deco Glycero (01659) [Size 400 ml]

Spray paint Motip Deco Glycero (01659) [Size 400 ml]
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Spray paint Motip Deco Glycero (01659)

For painting and embellishing almost all objects made of wood, metal, paper, glass, stone or hard plastics.
High quality glycerophtalic resin: composed of oil and solvent making it more resistant than acrylic paint.
Dries quickly.
High covering and filling power.
Excellent adhesion on almost any surface.
Excellent distribution on the surface.
Stable color and gloss.
Resistant to weather, scratches and shocks.

Spray paint

Product use: All

Type: Aerosol

Product model : Deco

Color : Black

Color variation : Deep

Material : Glycero

Reference origine: 01659

Capacity : 400 ml

Subfamily product : Care/maintenance

Product family : Workshop (motorized)

Packaging : (sold atunite)

Product version : ral 9005

Finish : Satin

Additional Information

Brand Motip
Manufacturer SKU 12727
Color black
Color Black
Size 400 ml - French sizes by default